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Product Format: 4CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £15.83 (exc) £18.99 (inc)


Limited Edition, physical-only (no downloads or streams) Four-Disc Boxed Set, featuring Previously Unheard, Fresh and Extended Alternative Ambient Mixes!

Twenty years ago Planet Dog released one of the all-time classic albums of modern electronica – ‘Last Train To Lhasa’ – which reached No.31 in the UK Album Charts!
Misconstrued at the time as a Tibetan-themed album (it actually contains only one Tibetan sample), its groove inflected, multicultural soundscapes helped to form the blueprint for much of today's global electronica.
To mark the anniversary of its release, Disco Gecko have created this Limited Edition, physical-only (no downloads or streams) 4 Disc Boxed Set, featuring Previously Unheard and Extended Alternative Ambient Mixes as well as a handful of Fresh Remixes by like-minded artists.

Disc 1 features the fully re-mastered original album plus the previously unreleased track: ‘Eagle’.

Discs 2 and 3 offers a mix of Previously Released Extended Mixes (some from the original Limited Edition multi disc issue of the LP) plus a handful of Unreleased Mixes.

Disc 4 features guest remixers, each adding their own signature style and a touch of 21st century flavour: AstroPilot (Altar Records) is Ukranian Progressive Ambient producer: Dmitry Redko; Bluetech (Waveform Records) is Hawaiian down-tempo Don Evan Bartholomew; Andrew Heath is a Stroud based soundscape artist whose gorgeous debut album came out via Disco Gecko in Summer 2014; Andy Guthrie is an original member of Banco De Gaia, who left to pursue his own solo career, working with the likes of EAT STATIC and MEDICINE DRUM; Alucidnation is English Ambient maestro Bruce Bickerton (Interchill records); Sonasha is sacred bass producer Jon Barron and Nick Manasseh (Roots Garden records) is a pioneering UK dub producer, best known for the Manasseh Meets The Equalizer project on Acid Jazz records.

Andy G’s original CDS Towers review for the original 1997 2CD version of ‘Last Train To Lhasa’ was as follows…
This covers everything that made 90's Ambient music such a world-wide force, remoulding it into something that is unique to Banco De Gaia. To compare this to ‘Maya’ is like comparing The ORB to James Last (and we all know how brilliant ‘Maya’ was). Disc 1 features the more rhythmic pieces, with the feel of a vast train journey as the huge complexity of rhythms, melodies, soundscapes, samples, textural layers and more cruise through your head leaving you gasping with amazement on many occasions. Disc 2 is an hour long, featuring just 3 tracks, the ambient "masterwork" that you've always wanted. With a vast heavenly, multi-layered set of melodic, ambient, purposeful and dynamic soundscapes that really do develop and evolve with a high degree of passion and fantastic beauty, and it is one of the best spacey-verging-on-rhythmic ambient CD's ever created.

‘Last Train To Lhasa’ 4CD is released on 23rd June 2015.


CD 1:
01. Last Train To Lhasa
02. Kuos
03. China {Clouds Not Mountains}
04. Amber
05. Kincajou
06. White Paint
07. 887 {Structure}
08. Eagle * Unreleased Bonus Track *

CD 2:
01. Kuos [Gnomes mix]
02. Kincajou [Duck! Asteroid – Extended version]
03. Eagle [Small Steppa mix]
04. China {Follow The Red Brick Road}

CD 3:
01. Amber {Insect Intelligence}
02. 887 {Darkside Return}
03. White Paint [Where’s The Runway dub]
04. Last Train To Lhasa [very Extended Ambient mix]

CD 4:
01. Last Train To Lhasa [AstroPilot remix]
02. Kuos [Bluetech remix]
03. China [Andrew Heath remix]
04. Amber [Andy Guthrie mix]
05. Kincajou [M N Taal mix]
06. White Paint [Aalucidnation’s remix]
07. 887 [Sonasha remix]
08. Eagle [Nick Manasseh dub]