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Product Format: 2CMB               

Price: £20.83 (exc) £24.99 (inc)


Elusive complete rock-opera produced in Italy in association with PFM - the Prog band that ELP introduced to us via their Manticore label in the 1970’s!

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CDS Towers sold quite a number of copies of this unique item back in 2015, when we last had it in stock, and now in 2018 we have uncovered a VERY LIMITED quantity of copies of this elusive title we can offer … so if you want one we need to know A.S.A.P.!

You might remember the original Single CD version of this title we sold back in 2005 was a “highlights” affair, where band member Franz Di Cioccio sung the vocal parts (in Italian). That version is since long deleted and still sells for crazy money on the Internet, but in 2015 we gave our customers the chance to pick-up the original DOUBLE DISC set at a decent price!
This 2CD Mediabook version is the complete Rock Opera as performed by PFM and the cast in theatres and palasport in and out of Italy. It was never sold though normal retail outlets - It could only be purchased inside the theatres directly from the company who organized the shows and was as such – and still is - extremely rare!
PFM (PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI) play all the instruments and the artists of the cast sing (in Italian) songs that were written by the band.

From the line-up of: Di Cioccio, Djivas, Mussida & Premoli (orchestral arrangements by Natale Massara) the album opens with a five-minute instrumental overture for PFM/ELP fans to die for!
‘Ouverture’ has all the elements of PFM that we loved from the ‘Photos Of Ghosts’ and ‘World Became The World’ albums – a high register flying string synth & Mini Moog melodic arrangement with organ, delicate acoustic guitars, soaring electric guitars and tight and powerful bass & drums, all rolled into a five-minute instrumental passage of classic PFM Prog-Rock heaven. From here the album is made up of instrumental breaks and PFM songs, and this is where some might switch off, for the vocals on the following tracks are all sung in Italian! Mind you, if opera can get away with non-Italian speaking nations lapping up the classic works for all this time, then I suppose we should give the Italian Rock bands more of a chance than many of us do, but there you go.
‘Dracula’ is a “Rock Opera”, but musically it is very much the PFM we all know and love, featuring plenty of synthesizer runs and big orchestrated arrangements from the keyboards, and if you either understand the Italian language, or you are prepared to take the vocals as just part of the overall musical picture, then you will enjoy this like any other PFM albums before it.

The PFM line-up for ‘Dracula-Opera Rock’ is: Franz Di Cioccio (vocals / percussion), Franco Mussida (guitars / vocals), Patrick Djivas (bass / programming) and Flavio Premoli (piano / organ / synthesizers / vocals).
The cast are: Vittorio Matteucci (Dracula), Sabrina De Siena (Mina), Maria Grazia Di Valentino (Lucy), Davide Benedetti (Jonathan), Fabio Privitera (Renfield), Gio Tortorelli (Van Helsing) and Max Corfini (Seavard).

PLEASE NOTE: The tracks from the original Single CD Edition are featured throughout this Double Disc Set, but with the vocals handled by the opera cast.


CD 1 [Atto I]:
01. Ouverture
02. L'ultima notte d'amore
03. La visione del pazzo
04. Non è un Incubo è Realtà
05. La promessa
06. La danza degli orologi
07. La canzone dell'innocenza
08. Il Mio Nome è Dracula
09. Il Castello dei Perchè
10. Vieni Jonathan vieni
11. Terra Madre
12. Il Demeter
13. Rose e sangue
14. Due labbra della stessa ferita
15. Non Guardarmi

CD 2 [Atto II]:
01. Il tuo sorriso la tua voce
02. Male d'amore
03. L'incubo di Lucy
04. Il vero nemico
05. Il Fantasma di Lucy
06. Non Avrai pace
07. Due donne in me
08. Il punto debole
09. Una nuova carezza
10. La morte non muore
11. Ho mangiato il Vampiro
12. Um destino di rondine
13. Andarsene per amore
14. Il verno nemico