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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £10.83 (exc) £12.99 (inc)


1st full REDSHIFT studio recording since 2008’s ‘Turning Towards Us’ & a sonic tour-de-force of powerful, melodic, dark, sequencer driven Synthesizer Music!

REDSHIFT’s driving force Mark Shreeve proves yet again that he is still probably the UK’s #1 exponent of the more aggressive yet melodic side of the Electronic Music scene.
After over 30 years in the Synth Music business he has still not lost any of his sense of invention and is still pushing the dark and menacing style of genre to the fore! Also, with modern day recording techniques at his side he has taken sound into another dimension altogether with this 2015 album… let’s hope your speakers can take it :-)

All seven tracks on ‘Life To Come’ were written, performed and mixed by Shreeve, and since all the pieces were all recorded in a tight time-zone there is a real cohesive feel and sound to the album.

The opening track: 'Soft Summer Rain' sets his stall for the rest of the album beautifully with themes and motifs that are actually created by the rhythm sequences rather than the more usual lead lines. The whole album is powerful with plenty in the way of layered sequencing and deep subsonic bass parts and while there are sometimes familiar sounds present there are also many less obvious choices in instrumentation.

Fans of the “Berlin School” are going to love this album without a doubt because it sits perfectly in that context while breaking plenty of new ground along the way – Rock on Mark Shreeve!

‘Life To Come’ comes in a Gatefold Digi-Pak and features cover photography and artwork by Gary Scott.

‘Life To Come’ was released on 14th October 2015.

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01. Soft Summer Rain (10:16)
02. Vampyre (11:38)
03. Mission Creep (8:47)
04. Bloom (5:31)
05. Slam (12:58)
06. Circling Above (8:25)
07. Life To Come (6:12)

TPT - 63:47