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Product Format: BX04               

Price: Normally £31.99 Currently £22.49 (exc) £26.99 (inc)


2nd Volume of a new series of archive recordings made of the legendary band in ’78/’80 & packaged in a Clamshell Box with Card Sleeves, Poster & Booklet!

After hearing the superb quality of the recordings on the first volume of this highly anticipated series that kicked-off in October 2015, all TD fans were eagerly looking forward to picking-up this, the 2nd volume in the series, and they were not disappointed!

All music in this OFFICIAL 4CD Clamshell Box Set has been Remastered from the best available sources.
The package includes a 240mm x 360mm Doubled-Sided Colour Poster and a 16-Page Illustrated Booklet with a New Essay. The Four Discs come with Full-Colour On-Body Picture Labels packaged in to Colour Card Sleeves with related imagery.

Featuring recordings made at the Palais des Congres, Paris in March 1978 and at the Palast der Republik, East Berlin in January 1980, this 4CD set has been compiled with the official approval of TANGERINE DREAM and features two concerts that were voted as some of the finest bootlegs in existence in a recent poll of fans.
The concert in Paris from March 1978 is a rare ‘live’ recording of the short-lived line-up of the band that featured: Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Steve Joliffe and drummer Klaus Krieger. The concert at the Palast der Republik in East Berlin featured a line-up of: Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Johannes Schmoelling and this recording is the FULL, UN-EDITED Performance of a concert from which sections formed the basis of the album: ‘Quichotte’ (1980) which was later issued as: ‘Pergamon’ (1986), and is another fine example of the excellence of this incarnation of TANGERINE DREAM on stage.

‘Official Bootleg Series-2 [4CD]’ is re-released on 7th May 2021.

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CD 1 [Palais des Congres, Paris – 6th March 1978]:
01. Paris - Set One

CD 2 [Palais des Congres, Paris – 6th March 1978]:
01. Paris - Set Two
02. Paris - Encore One
03. Paris - Encore Two

CD 3 [Palast der Republik, East Berlin – 31st January 1980]:
01. East Berlin Set One

CD 4 [Palast der Republik, East Berlin – 31st January 1980]:
01. East Berlin - Set Two
02. East Berlin – Encore