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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: Normally £18.99 Currently £13.33 (exc) £15.99 (inc)


Originally released in 1974, this 2016 Made In Germany Music reissue comes in a Digi-Pak with Original Artwork, a 16-Page Booklet and 2 Bonus Tracks!

In 2016 the Made In Germany label’s run on the Klaus Schulze re-issue campaign is seriously underway with this and a sizable list of other classics (listed below), all available again as MIG pressings in smart Digi-Paks and most with a range of Bonus Tracks. There are more planned reissues to come between 2016 & 2017 AND some new titles are scheduled too!

Released in the UK on Caroline Records, a sub-division of Richard Branson’s Virgin label, this MIG version contains 2 Bonus Tracks, one of which – ‘Foerplay’ is a ten-minute Mellotron masterpiece that’s similar in style to TD’s ‘Mysterious Semblance…’ track from ‘Phaedra’.

Klaus Schulze about ‘Blackdance’ …
‘Blackdance’ was my first album to be released in England on Caroline, a Virgin label subsidiary.
Before that [Virgin boss] Richard Branson had signed TANGERINE DREAM, and then he also contacted me. Of course, I said yes right away. Not just because Branson liked music from Germany but also since Virgin at the time was a prestigious English record company.

Nevertheless, joining Virgin was a giant step forward for me. The fact that I was now on an English label resulted in quite a different reception by the press! Furthermore, it was a worldwide deal, which meant that all my records from ‘Blackdance’ onward would also be available in France, the US and Japan.
For ‘Voices Of Syn’ (the longest piece on ‘Blackdance’), I used the voice of Ernst Walter Siemon. He was an opera singer who had rehearsed at the studio in Berlin where we had recorded the first TANGERINE DREAM record: ‘Electronic Meditation’ in 1970. He did a little collage for me that consisted of Verdi and a few other composers. I recorded it on my Revox tape machine and used it for this intro a few years later. As well as Congas and Tabla, I also played the 12-string guitar on 'Blackdance’. In retrospect I have to say however that I should have left the guitar out. At the time, I had been in New York and I bought a Martin 12-string at Manny's Music Store because it sounded so unbelievably wonderful. I thought I definitely had to use that sound in a track somewhere, but after I had completed ‘Blackdance’ I found this thing with the guitar, congas and tablas not that great anymore - It sounded too much like folk to me! On the other hand many people have told me that it was actually this sound that drew their attention to my music.
I can't quite exactly remember the details of the Bonus Tracks for ‘Blackdance’. I think they originated at the Manor Studio, which was owned by Virgin back in 1975. It was there that I produced the FAR EAST FAMILY BAND [with Masanori Takahashi aka Kitaro] and it was possibly during a break when the guys were asleep. There are an incredible amount of tapes that I have filled with music, which are temporarily stored until [Klaus Dieter] Müller digs them out again. When even Müller doesn't know exactly when and where I did a piece of music, then no-one knows!"

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01. Ways Of Changes (17:14)
02. Some Velvet Phasing (8:24)
03. Voices Of Syn (22:40)
04. Foreplay (10:32) * Bonus Track *
05. Synthies Have {No} Balls (14:42) * Bonus Track *

TPT – 73:33