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4th album from PINK FLOYD influenced Norwegian band that’s been building a strong reputation since the release of their 2009 debut album: ‘Identity’!

The new 2016 album: ‘Disconnected’ is the follow-up to the bands critically acclaimed 2013 release: ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’ and features six tracks with a common theme running through them. From the opening track: ‘Killer’, to the thirteen-minute long title track, the listener is taken on a sonic journey of lush soundscapes and arrangements, underlined by soaring guitars and soulful vocals.

As always, AIRBAG masters the art of creating a strong narrative listening-experience by closely tying together lyrical themes and music. Another central point to make note of with ‘Disconnected’ is how the band ventures even deeper into blending musical styles and sounds, which also greatly contributes to creating the unique listening experience that AIRBAG is, by now, well-known for.

‘Disconnected’ is a reflection on the theme of alienation between the individual and society, what society expects from us as individuals, and our resultant failure to live up to those expectations. Each of the six compositions depicts the state of feeling on 'the outside’ and out of touch with oneself and those around us.

AIRBAG’s music is best described as scenic, epic rock. They have three hugely successful album releases already in: ‘Identity’ (2009), ‘All Right Removed’ (2011) and ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’ (2013), and they have gained the band a solid following and reputation among both fans and the press. Prog Magazine described ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’ as "a confident step in the right direction, so much so you’re led to believe that album number four really could be the big one".
And we believe this is it!

For the production of: ‘Disconnected’, AIRBAG has once again teamed up with long-time collaborator and engineer Vegard Sleipnes. The album is produced by Asle Tostrup and Bjørn Riis, and, as always, the AIRBAG cover art is designed by vocalist Tostrup.

‘Disconnected’ is also available as a Standard Jewelcase CD – Stock # 1856671
‘Disconnected’ is also available as a Double 180gm Vinyl LP – Stock # 1856672

‘Disconnected’ is released on 10th June 2016.


01. Killer
02. Broken
03. Slave
04. Sleepwalker
05. Disconnected
06. Return