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Product Format: 2CD               

Price: Normally £18.99 Currently £13.33 (exc) £15.99 (inc)


Originally released in 1983, this 2016 Made In Germany Music reissue comes in a Digi-Pak with Original Artwork, a 16-Page Booklet and 5 Bonus Tracks!

In 2016 the Made In Germany label’s run on the Klaus Schulze re-issue campaign is seriously underway with this and a sizable list of other classics (listed below), all available again as MIG pressings in smart Digi-Paks and most with a range of Bonus Tracks. There are more planned reissues to come between 2016 & 2017 AND some new titles are scheduled too!

Klaus Schulze about ‘Audentity’ …
‘Audentity’ is intellectual music, more than just a soundtrack and a concept - it is the monument of forward-thinking music. ('Musik Szene' – Germany - April 1983)
In regards to this record, I have to say one thing, ‘Audentity’ is not, despite what many people think, a concept album about Georg Trakl (expressionistic Austrian poet, 1887-1914). Only ‘Sebastian Im Traum’, which is named after a long poem by him, refers to Trakl. He is however definitely one of my favourite authors. He has written incredibly beautiful, albeit very gloomy, poetry but that goes well with my music and my favourite key, minor. Never give in to laughter, ha ha ha... Literature - not only Trakl's material - has always been a very important source of inspiration for me. Sometimes movies can inspire me too, but more so books, because that which is between the lines stimulates my imagination.

Apart from Rainer Bloss (keyboards) and Wolfgang Tiepold (cello), Michael Shrieve, the SANTANA drummer also played on ‘Audentity’. I made the acquaintance of Michael in 1976 during the ‘GO’ project, which was supposed to become a supergroup - with Stomu Yamashta, Steve Winwood and Al Di Meola. Michael was a part of that too. The two of us hit it off right from the start and the same goes for Phil Manzanera of ROXY MUSIC, who was also aboard the ‘GO’ gig in London [May 29, 1976]. But because we had to practise endlessly with ‘GO’ it almost drove me nuts! During breaks, Michael, Phil and I jammed, or we went to a casino and played roulette.

Changing the track list on this re-issue of ‘Audentity’ has no musical explanation, just a technical one.
If we had distributed the tracks in their original order on the two CD’s, there wouldn't have been enough space on the second CD for the long Bonus Track. That's why we ordered the tracks as we did, so that the 58-minute ‘Gem’ could fit onto the second disc. That piece was created at the same time as the others. It's actually the original score for: ‘Next Of Kin’ - a horror flick [Australia 1983, director: Tony Williams]. That's why the music is so gloomy, and that's why the sounds are so aggressive. But the director wanted to have so many alterations to the soundtrack that the actual music in the film was totally different. Since the original sound tracks still exist, we added them to ‘Audentity’.

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CD 1:
01. Cellistica (24:31)
02. Spielglocken (21:24)
03. Sebastian Im Traum (28:21)
TPT – 74:16

CD 2:
01. Tango-Saty (5:47)
02. Amourage (10:37)
03. Ophylissem (5:11)
‘Gem’ suite * Bonus Tracks *
04. Gem (11:41)
05. Tiptoe On The Misty Mountain Tops (14:43)
06. Sink Or Swim (10:02)
07. At The Angle Of An Angel (15:44)
08. Of White Nights (6:00)
TPT – 79:45