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Product Format: CDR               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £10.83 (exc) £12.99 (inc)


Fantastic melodic Electronica from our top-selling musician from the genre and it’s another stunning, soothing, melodic work that flows through the senses!

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AMETHYSTIUM is Øystein Ramfjord, a Norwegian Electronica musician who bares his soul through his music.
With four incredible studio albums and a ‘Best Of’ already under his belt, Ramfjord is easily the leading player in the CDS Tower’s roster of artists working in the Electronica field.
‘Transience’ is his 5th studio recording that was first issued as a download in 2014, but only now in May 2016 are we in a position to offer it to our customer database as a CD… well a high quality CD-R production actually!
Why a CD-R you may well ask? Well, the music business ha been changing a lot over the past few years, and criminally in my opinion, in the event of there no longer being a record deal to support this artist’s work, other smaller individual enthusiasts and supporters of AMETHYSTIUM have had to step in to make this latest album available in physical form, and this one is about as good as it gets for the CD-R format. Those of you out there who – like myself – are normally averse to purchasing CD-R releases should have no fear about buying this one, because it comes approved by the artist himself and can therefore be trusted to be a very good quality production.
The music speaks for itself, but the professionally produced CD-R, all the artwork (although minimal in the booklet department), label printing and everything else is just like a factory produced CD (it’s even bar-coded and comes shrink wrapped), so as always, we can guarantee it’s quality.

Like all past AMETHYSTIUM albums, ‘Transience’ is another really melodic ethereal work of real beauty – a heartfelt musical journey that ebbs and flows like no other and in a dreamlike fashion that carries the listener off into a fantasy world! On this album the added combination of cello and fiddle with Ramfjord’s wonderful keyboard sounds can at times brings glimpses of another great name from the Norwegian melodic Electronica market: SECRET GARDEN.

Additional musicians featuring on ‘Transience’ are: Lee Nisbet (vocals on track 10), Erlend Kavam (cello on tracks 3, 6 & 7) and Martine Kraft Harding (fiddle on tracks, 2, 3, 5 & 10).
‘Transience’ was mastered by a huge name on the US ‘EM’ market- none other than Robert Rich, so you know the sound is going to be first class.

Here is a overview of why AMETHYSTIUM has become such a popular artist with CDS customers…

David Arkenstone, DELERIUM, ENIGMA (or Michael Cretu, who is Enigma), John Dyson, GANDALF, Kitaro, Jon Mark, Robert Miles, Andy Pickford, Vangelis, David Wright and Chris Spheeris – all big names from the world of tuneful electronic fantasy music over the past 30 years - have all enjoyed considerable degrees of success at CDS, and in the new millennium they were joined by AMETHYSTIUM!
For anyone that ever enjoyed any of the music these aforementioned musicians have produced over the years, it was always going to be an odds-on certainty that the brilliant music of Norwegian Øystein Ramfjord (aka AMETHYSTIUM) was going to became big with our customers.

I first heard AMETHYSTIUM back in 2005 when we had stock of the first three albums. The music was for me so “precious” - brilliantly melodic, thought provoking and addictively enjoyable, so good in fact that I would have signed all the first three albums to our Centaur label without a second thought, had someone else in the USA had not gotten in there first… Yes AMETHYSTIUM was that good! I believed this musician to be one of THE most important CD Services’ finds in many years, because his wonderful brand of semi-instrumental keyboard-based music had all the elements of the classic styles that I had built a vast customer fan-base on during over twenty years running this company. The music had so much to offer people who appreciated genuinely good, melodic music, and that was what a good proportion of CDS Towers music buyers were all about!

AMETHYSTIUM’s music had inspired me more than anything else I had encountered in the ‘EM’ genre at the time - possibly even since I first discovered Andy Pickford back in the early 90’s, and that’s a high bar to set for anyone’s music! At the time there were of course a few other great artists working in this field and producing high quality music, but I hadn’t heard too much in the melody department to match this guy’s flair for a “good tune” in ages – and history has shown us that when someone’s music captured my imagination to an extent such as that, that usually meant we were on to something big.

There was nothing bombastic about AMETHYSTIUM’s brand of Electronica, although it was powerful in terms of feeling and atmosphere, blending melody and rhythm to a degree that superseded most of what has gone before
It wasn’t anything world shatteringly new, or music from some newly discovered dimension or anything like that, it was just fantastic, perfectly produced tuneful ethereal music made by a passionate and gifted musician that was injecting a huge amount of himself into what he was doing - music that painted evocative pictures in the mind’s eye that took the listener off on an incredible musical journey through a world of fantasy and wonder.
The themes and flowing rhythms were SO infectious; the ear-catching solos were totally addictive; the occasional heavenly female choral voices and Gregorian overlays were overwhelmingly sublime and the whole production was open and spacious – Øystein Ramfjord was a musician that had found that perfect balance of all of these things – a sound where electronics, some acoustic instruments and occasional vocal components complement each other rather than any particular one dominating.

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01. Mono No Aware (Opening) (2:23)
02. Mesmerized (4:55)
03. Nightfall (4:30)
04. Luminescence (5:21)
05. Solace (4:40)
06. Faraway (5:35)
07. Saudade (4:55)
08. Some Kind of Sunrise (4:36)
09. Breathe Out (5:18)
10. Transience (5:28)
11. Epilogue (4:52)

TPT – 52:33