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Product Format: 2CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £15.83 (exc) £18.99 (inc)


The sequel to 2015’s ‘Volume 1’, this Double Disc set focuses entirely on the band’s ‘Gatherings’ concert at St. Mary's, Hamilton Village in Philadelphia USA!

AIR SCULTURE are a UK-based trio that first entered the UK “Electronic Music” scene back in the mid-90’s.
They first emerged not far behind RMI (Radio Massacre International) and together the two bands formed the backbone of the UK’s answer to the early 70’s output of Germany’s TANGERINE DREAM with their many improvised “Berlin School” style sound sculptures.

Whereas the first volume of ‘Vanishing Point’ was assembled from various live and broadcast performances, this 2nd Volume comes entirely from a concert recorded at the band’s 2011 ‘Gatherings’ concert in Philadelphia USA.
Like their ‘TranceAtlantic’ album (from 2005) that also featured live music from this venue (8 years earlier), ‘Vanishing Point-Volume 2’ covers a wide range of electronica. The concert is presented here in full and ranges from the delicate introspective pieces that the church environment inspires, to the band's trademark massive sequencer excursions and synthetic abstractions!

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‘Vanishing Point-Volume 2’ is released on 21st August 2016.


CD 1:
01. Infinity Halt (46:30)

CD 2:
01. Vanishing Point (47:44)
02. Main And Great Proposition (16:32)