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Product Format: CD               

Price: Normally £7.99 Currently £4.99 (exc) £5.99 (inc)


2016 Remaster of their 1971 Album with Authentic Replica Pink Rimmed Island Label featuring the Original Palm Tree Logo Design!

* Please hover your mouse / pointer over the sleeve image above to view the replica of Original Label Design *

This CD is part of a simultaneously reissued series of seven 2016 Remasters of albums FREE recorded with the Island record label in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

FREE need no introduction, but their back catalogue has been ill-served over the years, with the CD remasters from the early 2000's being regarded as being, not to put too fine a point on it, "sonically impoverished"!
Well, 15 years down the line remastering techniques have taken a vast leap forward and CD production standards have moved up the scale too, with more attention paid to detail, especially in the presentation of the discs and their packaging, so it's interesting to see and hear what they have done with this 2016 FREE re-issue.

This 2016 Re-Issue of the album has been Newly Remastered from the Original Master Tapes by Andy Pearce, the sound engineer responsible for the mastering work done on the recent ELP CD & Vinyl re-issues, so you should find this a considerable improvement over older copies of the album.
It has also been authentically produced by faithfully replicating the label design from first pressing of the original Island label vinyl LP for the disc’s on-body label print – always a nice touch, especially with such an iconic label as this one!
The disc comes in a standard Jewelcase with a 16-Page Booklet containing lyrics, a mix of colour and black & white pictures of the band and its members, plus images of the source master tape storage covers etc.

If you're still a bit of a vinyl junkie and feeling flush, you can pick this album up on fresh new plastic wax as part of a massive new 7-Piece Vinyl LP Box entitled: ‘Vinyl Collection’ that contains faithful reproductions of all the original FREE Vinyl LP releases on Island Records. These are also cut from the new 2016 Andy Pearce Remasters!

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‘Free Live!’ was released on 9th September 2016.

FREE LIVE! CD Track List:

01. All Right Now (6:24)
02. I'm a Mover (3:46)
03. Be My Friend (5:56)
04. Fire and Water (3:56)
05. Ride On a Pony (4:30)
06. Mr. Big (6:13)
07. The Hunter (5:29)
08. Get Where I Belong (4:19)