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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: Normally £18.99 Currently £13.33 (exc) £15.99 (inc)


Originally released in 1977, this 2016 Made In Germany Music reissue comes in a Digi-Pak with Original Artwork, 16-Page Booklet and a Long Bonus Track!

In 2016 the Made In Germany label’s run on the Klaus Schulze re-issue campaign is seriously underway with this and a sizable list of other classics (listed below), all available again as MIG pressings in smart Digi-Paks and most with a range of Bonus Tracks. There are more planned reissues to come between 2016 & 2017 AND some new titles are scheduled too!

“‘Body Love’ is electronic discreet music maximised, so discreet you can’t even remember to forget it - Hence its appeal, of course.” ('New Musical Express' - England, December 3, 1977).

‘Body Love’ is one of the “safest” and probably most traditionally “Berlin”-esque Schulze works of the seventies! With long streams of synth textures and the slowly flowing sequencers, it is now enhanced even further in this respect with a previously unreleased twenty-two minute Bonus Track that is totally in keeping with the mood and flavour of the music on the main “body” of the album, so that now you have a gorgeous seventy-five minutes of music that represents one of the finest albums you could get for a synth music fan, who’d never before bothered with Schulze’s music in the past!

Klaus Schulze talks about ‘Body Love’:
The origins of ‘Body Love’ are quite funny. I received a call from a movie producer named Manfred Menz, someone who I was to become the principal composer for over a period of time. Amongst others, I composed the ‘Barracuda’ soundtrack for him [1978, previously unreleased on album]. This led to a friendship that lasts ‘till today. Menz now lives in Malibu, California where I visited him a couple of years ago. Anyway, this guy calls me and asks if I would compose the score to a porn movie. I said I said: “Porn? Nah, I don’t do that kind of thing”.

As it turned out, the director of the movie, Lasse Braun, had already shot it and had used my albums ‘Timewind’ [1975] and ‘Moondawn’ [1976] as a kind of 'working soundtrack'. This was obvious because the couples in the film were moving in time to my grooves! They were almost done with the film, which was very expensive for a porno – 1 million German Marks, and they were now looking for the final music. First they tried it with normal pop music, but that didn’t work out. So Lasse said to Manfred “Let’s simply ask Schulze to compose a soundtrack that’s similar to ‘Moondawn’!”

I drove down to Manfred’s with my, then French girlfriend Blanche. We watched the movie and thought, “Well, it’s really not too bad!” Besides, there wasn’t too much dialogue in it, so you could let the music run through it all the way. Therefore I didn’t need to write two minutes here, three minutes there until the next piece of dialogue or sound effect occurred. I had the opportunity of delivering a genuine composition.

Director Lass Braun said: “Just give me the music, one or one and a half hours worth. I’ll put the music to the movie and just fade it out in the parts where there shouldn’t be any music.” That fitted in with me because that’s my method of working anyway. I just had to keep an eye on the timing. It had to be in line with the timing for ‘Moondawn’ because the couples in the film bobbed up and down accordingly."

This MIG reissue is the same as the re-release from 2005 on Revisited Records, which had already a playing time of 75 minutes and came in a Digi-Pak.

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‘Body Love-Vol.1’ is released on 25th November 2016.


01. Star Dancer (13:38)
02. Blanche (11:44)
03. T.O. (27:12)
04. Lasse Braun (22:26) * Bonus Track *

TPT – 75:00