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Product Format: LP               

Price: £16.66 (exc) £19.99 (inc)


Quality, beautiful, often romantic Ambient symphonic EM from the productive mind of a musician/composer that would seem to be in his best place in years!

Talk about a return to form ... Now with the need to create a real experimental release out of his system, Boddy has returned to some of the styles featured on his earlier albums and is (for me) by far the finest music he has produced in many years!

Ian Boddy, DiN label boss, has never been a musician to rest on his laurels. After the totally analogue, experimental: ‘Tone Science’ album that was released earlier in 2016, he now moves onto fresh sonic pastures with his new solo album: ‘As Above So Below’ … and this really is classic Boddy!

Ian Boddy has always liked to play around with genres, mixing and matching styles to suit his current frame of mind. On ‘As Above So Below’ he effortlessly combines Ambient, Classical & Electronic Music into a seamless, intoxicating sonic landscape.
Boddy has been heavily involved in composing library music for many years. These compositions feature in TV, films and documentaries and he brings this filmic quality to bear on this suite of six new tracks.

The title track opens procedures with a great slab of slowly evolving orchestral chords that rise up out of a cold, ethereal atmosphere. Based on: ‘Prelude No.1 in C Major’ by J. S. Bach, this awe inspiring opening piece sets the scene for what is to follow. Arpeggiating piano tones, deep Moog basses, ethereal string clusters & analogue sequencers all vie for attention in the following five tracks. The latter are at times light and playful with interlocking layers on tracks such as: ‘Quantum Of Memory’ and ‘The Thaumaturge’, whereas an altogether darker vibe is created on the deep bass pulses of the brooding track: ‘Shrine’.
The final track: ‘One Day’ finishes the album off in an emotional manner with rising string melodies above haunting heartfelt piano arpeggios before finally disappearing back into the eerie atmosphere that opened the album.

As usual this album is released in the elegant slim-line Digi-Pak CD package that followers of DiN will be familiar with. However – and for the first time with a DiN release - there is also a Limited Edition 180gm Vinyl LP package as well, and this includes a Download Code. Both formats feature a stunning, minimal image by photographic artist Wendy Carroll. Once again DiN have produced a quality release in highly collectable formats for all lovers of modern, Ambient Electronica.

‘As Above So Below’ is also available as a CD Digi-Pak – Stock # 1906757

‘As Above So Below’ is released on 18th November 2016.


Side 1:
01. As Above So Below (6:00)
02. Quantum Of Memory (6:53)
03. Time Lapse (6:21)

Side 2:
01. Shrine (8:16)
02. The Thaumaturge (6:12)
03. One Day (5:15)

TPT - 39:08