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The ex-GENESIS legend collaborates with the equally legendary Hungarian Jazz-Rock band to create some magical international instrumental music!

This is a ‘live’ album by legendary guitarist Steve Hackett and the gifted Hungarian group DJABE. ‘Summer Storms & Rocking Rivers’ was captured at a concert in Bratislava in July 2011 and another in Budapest in November 2012. The music within this release features versions well-known Steve Hackett solo material such as: ‘The Steppes’ and ‘Ace Of Wands’, alongside legendary GENESIS material such as: ‘Firth Of Fifth’, ‘Blood On The Rooftops’, ‘In That Quiet Earth’ and ‘Los Endos’.

DJABE formed twenty years ago and are one of Hungary’s most acclaimed Jazz-Rock groups in the world.
Playing a fascinating fusion of Jazz and Rock styles and featuring a line-up of: Ferenc Kovács (vocals / trumpet / violin), Zoltán Kovács (keyboards), Attila Égerházi (guitar / percussion), Tamás Barabás (bass guitar) and Szilárd Banai (drums), DJABE have performed many concerts globally since 2002. In 2007 they began their association with Steve Hackett, who has appeared on the concert stage with them, performing both DJABE material and GENESIS and Hackett solo material. At the Garana Jazz Festival in Romania, Steve Hackett & DJABE performed to an audience of 13,000 people, and now ‘Summer Storms & Rocking Rivers’ captures wonderfully the magic of this collaboration on stage.

The DVD (NTSC – Region Free) included in this two disc set features a concert in Bratislava in July 2011 and also includes bonus features of a short documentary, the piece: ‘Jacuzzi / Overnight Sleeper’ recorded in November 2013 with the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra and the promotional video of the song: ‘Tears For Peace’.

‘Summer Storms’ is released on 24th February 2017.


Disc 1 [CD]:
01. City Of Habi
02. The Steppes
03. Butterfly
04. Scenes – Above Poland
05. Scenes – Sunset At The Seaside
06. Horizons
07. Ace Of Wands
08. Flowers Stillness
09. Rush For Ménes
10. Strange Places
11. Last Train To Istanbul
12. Firth Of Fifth
13. Summer Rain
14. In That Quiet Earth
15. Distant Dance
16. Los Endos

Disc 2 [DVD]:
01. City Of Habi
02. The Steppes
03. Dark Soup
04. Butterfly
05. Scenes – Above Poland
06. Scenes – Sunset At The Seaside
07. Steve’s Acoustic Set:
i.) Classical Gas
ii.) Blood On The Rooftops
iii.) Horizons
08. Ace Of Wands
09. Firth Of Fifth
10. Last Train To Istanbul
11. Summer Storms
12. Rocking Rivers
13. Rush For Ménes
14. Strange Places
15. Rush For Ménes {reprise}
16. Summer Rain
17. In That Quiet Earth
18. Distant Dance
19. Jacuzzi / Overnight Sleeper [recorded 10th November, 2013 in Miskolc, Hungary]
20. Tears For Peace [promotional video - recorded and filmed 2012 in Budapest, Hungary]
21. Rocking Summer Roads [documentary including ‘The Steppes’ – live in Debrecen, 16th July 2011 / ‘Scenes’ [live in Debrecen - 16th July 2011 / ‘Los Endos’ - live in Budapest, 18th July 2014 / ‘Los Endos’ - closing section recorded live in Budapest, 30th November 2012]