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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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Originally a 1978 French Egg Label import, this Psych Synth music masterpiece has been properly Remastered and has had 39 minutes of extra music added!

Tim Blake needs no introduction to CDS customers – we've been selling his music since the first French Mantra label CD releases produced in the early 90’s, so it is with great pleasure that we can announce the highly anticipated March 2017 remasters of his groundbreaking 70’s albums: ‘Crystal Machine’ and ‘New Jerusalem’!
The same treatment has been given to Blake’s 1991: ‘Magick’ (due April 2017) and his year 2000 release: ‘Tide Of The Century’ (due May 2017)!
As Tim himself declares: “It's interesting to note that we are now 40 years on from ‘Crystal Machine’s’ release, and 45 Years of me working on electronique creations outside of GONG and HAWKWIND”.

‘New Jerusalem’ was originally released on vinyl LP in 1978 on the Egg label, then on CD for the first time in year 2000 on the French Mantra label and again in 2002 on the UK based Voiceprint label, but this 2017 edition in the first properly Remastered version to be released on CD, and with 3 Bonus Tracks.

Now regarded as a truly pioneering work, this edition of ‘Blake’s New Jerusalem’ has been Newly Remastered and includes 3 Bonus Tracks that are Previously Unreleased on CD: ‘The Woodland Voice’ (B-side of the ‘Generator Laser Beam’ single) plus ‘From Outta Space’ and ‘Jupiter To Jerusalem’ – home demos recorded at the time of the album and released on the cassette: ‘Waterfalls From Space’.

The accompanying 20-Page Booklet features a New Essay and fully restores the Original Album Artwork.

The original ‘New Jerusalem’ album is regarded by many as ‘classic’, and it’s rightly deserves that accolade, because it is a truly great album, albeit that two thirds of it happens to be of that ilk!
It starts with Blake extolling the virtues of the ‘new age’ over a backing of strummed acoustic guitars and synthesizers, then we enter nearly seven minutes of: ‘Lighthouse’, a track later to become a stage favourite during his times with HAWKWIND, and a track that, for the first three minutes, works superbly with swooping synths, shimmering glissando guitars and oodles of cosmic music. But then his almost spoken word vocal begins, and things take a bit of downward spiral, giving you the sense that if only he’d shut up you’d be listening to a space synth masterpiece! The short: ‘Generator’ is a pop-synth crossover piece with bouncy rhythms, swooping synthesizers and a sort of punk-synth vocal that leads into this rather cheesy lead keyboard mid-section. This first-half is salvaged, or as good as, by the seven-minute plus instrumental: ‘Passage Sur La Cite´ {Des Revelations}’ which, with its strong sequencers and truly immaculate cosmic synths flowing all over the place a series of lead melodies and soundscapes that, for the first time on the album really are seriously uplifting. Then, the ‘piece de resistance’ comes in the form of the title track - an eighteen-minute masterpiece where synthesizers, vocals, sequencers, space synths and sheer cosmic atmosphere meet in one spellbinding melting pot! Working its charms, it blissfully melts the hardest of hearts with vision, wondrous amazement and unbridled enjoyment of psychedelic seventies, GONG-influenced, new age synth music at its finest.
Fellow French synth man Jean-Philippe Rykiel lends a hand and plays a vital role, as the two musicians create heaven on a CD. So, a classic on two thirds of an album? You better believe it!!

Musician line-up: Tim Blake (keyboards / guitars / vocals) and Jean-Phillipe Rykiel (Mini-Moog on ‘Passage Sur La Cité’ {De La Révélation}' and ‘Blake's New Jerusalem’.

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‘New Jerusalem’ CD was released on 30th March 2017


01. Song For A New Age (5:14)
02. Lighthouse (6:46)
03. Generator {Laser Beam} (3:34)
04. Passage Sur La Cite´ {Des Revelations} (7:43)
05. Blake’s New Jerusalem (16:18)
06. Woodland Voice [B-side of Single - Previously Unreleased on CD] (3:39) * Bonus Track *
07. From Outta Space [taken from ‘Waterfalls From Space’] (19:09) * Bonus Track *
08. Jupiter To Jerusalem [taken from ‘Waterfalls From Space’] (16:07) * Bonus Track *

TPT – 78:32