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Product Format: 2CD               

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Recorded in 1998 and featuring several big name players from the Prog-Rock scene - every Prog fan should have a copy of this album in their collection!

For those who don’t remember this 1998 epic that was a HUGE selling Prog title at CDS Towers back then, ‘Into the Electric Castle’ is a Double Concept Album (or ‘Space Opera’ as some would call it) that features practically every good element that the Prog genre has to offer, all encapsulated into 105 Minutes of pure Progressive heaven! It's all here: driving and singing electric guitars, delicate acoustics strumming, a vast array of soaring synthesizers, organs and Mellotrons, tight driving rhythms sections plus great vocal performances and narration work.
From ‘Lamb’ / ‘Trick Of The Tail’ period GENESIS through to YES' ‘Topographic Oceans’ time, JETHRO TULL's ‘Brick’ and ELOY's ‘Planets’ period right up to PINK FLOYD at their instrumental best and DREAM THEATER in full flight - you will find influences from them all on this epic double helping of Prog magic that features a star-studded line-up of guests from the UK and Holland: Fish (ex MARILLION), Clive Nolan (PENDRAGON), Ton Scherpenzeel & Edward Reekers (KAYAK) and Thijs Van Leer (FOCUS) are all included! It's pretentious, a bit over the top at times, but that is what great Prog is all about isn’t? - A must have album to have in your collection!
Back in the day we said of ‘Into The Electric Castle’ that it was certainly an album that every Prog fan should have in their collection. It IS one sensational work that has masses of great music on it, with something to offer anyone who was ever been into Prog/Space Rock! The whole work is well thought out and brilliantly put together with skilful production and playing of the highest calibre!

‘Into The Electric Castle’ is also available as these 2018 ‘Into The Electric Castle-20’ editions…

‘Into The Electric Castle-20’ is also available as a 2018 4CD+DVD Earbook – Stock # 2090262
‘Into The Electric Castle-20’ is also available as a 2018 HW Triple Vinyl LP Set – Stock # 2090263

‘Into The Electric Castle’ was released on 27th January 2017.

AYREON: INTO THE ELECTRIC CASTLE [Original 1998 Mix] 2CD Track List:

CD 1:
01. Welcome To The New Dimension
02. Isis And Osiris
03. Amazing Flight
04. Time Beyond Time
05. Decision Tree {We're Alive}
06. Tunnel Of Light
07. Across The Rainbow Bridge

CD 2:
01. Garden Of Emotions
02. Valley Of The Queens
03. Castle Hall
04. Tower Of Hope
05. Cosmic Fusion
06. Mirror Maze
07. Evil Devolution
08. Two Gates
09. "Forever" Of The Stars
10. Another Time, Another Space