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New synth musician with a real flair for the traditional European styles, with strong melodies and flowing rhythmic grooves always at the forefront!

‘Ocean's Loneliness’ opens the album with a glorious passage of melodic space music that goes well with the album’s cover image! After almost three minutes it starts to move at speed with more lead melodies layered in over a flowing synth rhythm and all surrounded by the sounds of gorgeous, gentle and tuneful synth satellites. The tack closes in a beautiful array of atmospheric sounds and textures. The whole piece is very relaxed, yet vibrant and exciting at the same time - A bit along the lines of the likes of the great Robert Schroeder at his best.
‘Journey Into The Unknown’ starts out in atmospheric mode, but very quickly busts into another fantastic rhythmic flow, this time overlaid by gentle piano-like textures that just seem to dissolve as they fall, but as the track continues it becomes more theme-like and symphonic, with a string synth melody line waving through the mix oh so eloquently. More piano effects interpret the melodies as the sound levels intensify and the leads synth flies higher – a superb track of absorbing electronic music!
‘Power Crystal’ comes in on a roll of deep space synthesizer sounds that form a huge electronic cumulous cloud that, when it clears, leaves a rhythmic flow to evolve that is laced with light chiming synth patterns and infectious keyboard melodies to enthral. Then at a bit past the three-minute mark, a dramatic choral part forces it’s way through the mix for a few moments before the flow continues on with more crystalline synth textures added to the overall relaxed feel to the piece.
‘Call Of The Ancestors’ opens to the sounds deep but distant, rumbling sounds that after a minute or so gives way to hazy atmospheric backdrop overlaid by all-sorts of rippling and cascading textural sounds, with a repetitive melody and deep choral voices coming from deep down in the mix. A symphonic theme dissolves as the track draws to it’s close, then there’s a bit of a surprise as the work ebbs away.
That turns out to be the lead in to the very rhythmic 5th track: ‘Comet's Fate’, another real flowing work surrounded by all manner of beautifully constructed melodic and symphonic textures that are oh so endearing if you like this sort of thing. With plenty action going on in the mix, the melodies just seem to stream from the keys as the track moves on – again, Schroeder and all melodic / rhythmic synth music fans will love this track for sure!
‘Roaming Soul’ fades in on a kaleidoscope of synth textural effects, and it’s not until just past the two-minute mark that the lead melody line comes in and very quickly blossoms into something quite big and majestic before closing back in textural territory.
‘Reminiscence Of The Journey’ is a dream of a track with an amazingly beautiful flowing rhythmic / melodic nature track that brings to fruition - and in full flow - the full capabilities of the excellent and creative new name to the synth music scene.

‘Journey To The Unknown’ is a thoroughly enjoyable album that has that special flowing melodic feel you only get from artists like Robert Schroeder, Johan Tronestam and Vanderson to name but a few.

‘Journey To The Unknown’ is released on 13th March 2017.


01. Ocean's Loneliness (9:56)
02. Journey Into The Unknown (6:49)
03. Power Crystal (8:38)
04. Call Of The Ancestors (5:23)
05. Comet's Fate (7:28)
06. Roaming Soul (7:38)
07. Reminiscence Of The Journey (9:26)

TPT – 55:20