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2nd exciting instrumental Electronic Music album from this German band that are bridging the void between PINK FLOYD, VANGELIS and TANGERINE DREAM!

CINEMA is the current Electronic Music project of Jürgen "Pöngse" Krutzsch, a musician already well known in Krautrock circles for his contributions to the 70’s band TIBET.
Using synthesizers, sequencers, organs, choirs, guitars and oriental and rock rhythms, Pöngse - supported by Brigitte Grafe and guitarist Benjamin Peiser expertly crafts this varied melodic, rhythmic electronic soundtrack to create an incredibly infectious musical melange that is reminiscent in a wide range of styles, from moments of PINK FLOYD to awakenings associated with TANGERINE DREAM, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield and Schiller!
The CINEMA project name fits perfectly, because the tracks it produces run like movies in the listener’s mind's eye!

The CINEMA project name fits perfectly, because the tracks produced by this trio of musicians run like movies in the listener’s mind's eye. For ‘Magix Box’ the overall result is an unparalleled varied musical journey built around digital sounds within the world of the continents! A fine and entertaining journey and the perfect cerebral cinema!

For mastering, ex-GROBSCHNITT musician EROC was actually at the helm, so you know you going to get high quality audio from this album.

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‘Magix Box’ was released on 24th October 2013.


01. Dancin’ Dolphins
02. Monastery Of Madness
03. Beyond Andromeda
04. 222 Dreams
05. African Queen
06. Al-Andalus
07. Colouring Clouds
08. Oriental Breeze
09. Distant Bells
10. Total Transition