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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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Originally released in 1994 on the German label: ZYX Records, this 2019 Made In Germany Music reissue comes in a Digi-Pak with a 16-Page Booklet!

‘Trancelation’ is not quite a normal Schulze album, but one of his sideline ideas, a Wahnfried release, and certainly not exactly genuinely typical Schulze, if such a character exists at all!

In the 90's there was a new styling of sub-genres for electronic dance music. Loosely called: Techno, Trance, Ambient, Chillout, whatever, but most of it was made with a nod backwards to its pioneers – Klaus Shulze and Kraftwerk.
Parts of old Schulze albums were being played in clubs, and producers started using Klaus’ music for their own creations. Pioneering groups like FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON and The ORB asked to use Klaus samples and musicians like Sven Väth and William Orbit talked with Klaus about a possible musical cooperation…
Klaus seemed to like it, or at least some of it. The situation was curious.

Klaus Schulze was once described as “pioneering, single-minded and influential, a musician with taste for adventure”. No one else can claim to have been so important a force behind the music that became known as “New Age” or the later sub-cultural “Ambient-House”. His greatest triumph as a musician is the almost single-handed creation of synth-sequencer music and the related genres: “Cosmic Music” or “Teutonic Synth”, which later composers and musicians all over the world have latched on to.

After making his own innovative music for a quarter of a century, suddenly young musicians started freely using what he'd created all those years ago, and sold it as their own “innovative” music.
The obvious idea for Klaus was, to do a “Trance” album himself. It promised to be fun.

Because this is a bit different from his own musical direction, Klaus did it under his alter ego Wahnfried, as always not as the only driving force as in any Schulze production, but just one artist among others.

This is a nice 2019 reissue of that album in a Digi-Pak.

‘Trancelation’ is released on 22nd February 2019.


01. Intrance (4:49)
02. Future World - 1 (5:55)
03. I Like To Do Something For You (4:22)
04. Crazy About (4:12)
05. Abyss (8:22)
06. Mental Atmosphere (5:03)
07. Wahnfried’s Dream (4:05)
08. Future World - 2 (12:14)
09. Transistor Radio (4:53)
10. Duel [feat. Marian Gold] (3:51)
11. Oriental - 1 (5:41)
12. Oriental - 2 (6:19)
13. The End – Someday (4:12)

TPT – 73:58