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2017 Remaster of the much sought after 2002 album of Electronic Music that Tim was commissioned to produced for the Caldea Spa centre in Andorra!

In 2002 Tim Blake recorded and released: ‘Caldea Music II’, a work especially commissioned by the Caldea Spa centre in Andorra, and area located in the south-west of Eurasian continent, between Spain and France, in the eastern part of the Pyrenees. NEURONIUM’s Michel Huygen had produced: ‘Cladea Music I’ for the same project in 2001, but both albums were only ever available in the UK as European imports – both became CDS Tower’s best sellers during that time period and beyond.

‘Caldea Music II’ saw Tim return to his purely instrumental roots, cited by some as a modern equivalent of his classic: ‘Crystal Machine’ album. Recorded once again at his Windmill studio, with Blake playing EMS synthesizers, the album featured wonderfully evocative music and guest appearances by Christian Boule (Glissando guitar) and Konan Mevel (Catalan bagpipes & flute).

Unavailable for many years now (and highly sought after by collectors), ‘Caldea Music II’ also features a Booklet with a New Essay and fully restores the Original Album Artwork.

This is what our Andy G made of ‘Caldea Music II’ when he reviewed it back in 2002…
Ah yes – the return of the instrumental Tim Blake album. Bookended by a couple of more sprightly tunes, the word to use here is “blissful”. Across, fifty-three minutes we have some beautifully flowing, layered, gorgeous, typically Blake cosmic/melodic music, full of texture, depth, structure and solidity, yet it’s music that seems to soar and float as it rises to the heavens and back.
The nine-minute: ‘Floating’ features Blake playing alongside the gliss guitars of Christian Boule, while the nineteen-minute epic: ‘The Great Pool’ glides along as East-meets-West, with a resonant percussive rhythmic accompaniment set underneath a sea of synthesizers and an ocean of strings. Full of Eastern-sounding exoticism, it’s all beautifully melodic, yet extremely atmospheric as it slowly unfolds to eye-opening extent.
‘Jacuzzi Surfing’ at nine minutes resurrects the Blake sound of the seventies with a vengeance, as sequencer lines, strings, synthesizer swoops and hinted melodies all rain down like some warm cosmic shower on a satisfied listener.
With a couple of equally fine shorter tracks, plus the two versions of the more commercially rhythmic title track, overall, this is as fine an album as we can expect from the modern instrumental side of the ex-GONG/HAWKWIND synth musician.

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‘Caldea Music II’ was released on 30th June 2017.


01. Caldea (4:27)
02. Floating Guitar [Glissando – Christian Boulé] (9:22)
03. Om Beach (1:25)
04. Great Pool (19:44)
05. Across The Sea Of Dreams (4:52)
06. Jacuzzi Surfing (9:07)
07. Caldea II [Bagpipes - Catalan Veuze / Celtic Flute – Konan Mevel] (4:34)

TPT – 53:31