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Product Format: 3LP               

Price: £26.66 (exc) £31.99 (inc)


All the tracks here are the Original Single Versions, many of which have been unavailable for many years & not available outside of the original 7" release!

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‘Singles’ is a brand new 2017 collection of all of Can’s single releases, on CD and Triple Vinyl LP!

This unique document is the first time the singles have been presented together and shows the breadth of their influential career, from well loved tracks like: ‘Halleluwah’, ‘Vitamin C’ and ‘I Want More’ to more obscure and sought after singles such as: ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Turtles Have Short Legs’.

The triple vinyl comes packaged in a Tri-Fold Sleeve and decorated with a beautiful Spot Gloss Lamination and is designed by the award winning Julian House from Intro, a long time design collaborator of CAN's.

‘Singles’ is also available as a Standard CD – Stock # 1986648

‘Singles’ is released on 16th June 2017.

CAN: SINGLES 3LP Track List:

LP 1 – Side 1:
01. Soul Desert
02. She Brings The Rain
03. Spoon
04. Shikako Maru Ten

LP 1 – Side 2:
01. Turtles Have Short Legs
02. Halleluwah [edit]
03. Vitamin C
04. I'm So Green

LP 2 – Side 1:
01. Mushroom
02. Moonshake
03. Future Days [edit]
04. Dizzy Dizzy [edit]

LP 2 – Side 2:
01. Splash
02. Hunters & Collectors [edit]
03. Vernal Equinox [edit]
04. I Want More

LP 3 – Side 1:
01. .... And More
02. Silent Night
03. Cascade Waltz

LP 3 – Side 2:
01. Don’t Say No [edit]
02. Return
03. Can Can
04. Hoolah Hoolah [edit]