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Product Format: CDR               

Price: £8.33 (exc) £9.99 (inc)


The long-awaited 2nd album among ARGH followers, and it’s nine 80's influenced synth-pop tracks offer at the same time a proposal for new fans!

ARGH is the pop band alter-ego of Norwegian synth composer musician GENN MAIN!
Main's instrumental albums are heavily Jarre-influenced works, but ARGH is at another end of the Electronic Music scale - this is pure Electro-Pop music through and through, so if you were/are into that 80's synth-pop world occupied by the likes of A-HA, The HUMAN LEAGUE, DEPECHE MODE and HOWARD JONES, then there's a lot for you to enjoy in ‘Get It Right’!

There is no doubt that GLEN MAIN’s brand of melodic electronic music is popular, but his band project ARGH also made a strong impression with their 2015 debut album: ‘Night In The City’ when it was first launched. Now in 2017 ARGH is back with this catchy new album containing nine strong, melodic synth-pop tunes that carry a lot of commercial punch.
Very much rooted in 80's Electro-Pop, this is a nice mix of classic synthesizer sounds, drum machines and vocals, featuring infectious, anthemic songs filled with melodic hooks, strong beats and elegant chord changes. The album is a bit more “happy” than its predecessor and has a slightly more commercial touch, so it should appeal to an even broader audience this time round.

What's also new for this album is that the band has been joined by vocalist, keyboardist and family member Iselin Main, which brings the band a new dimension sonically. She also sang all the backing vocals on their last album, and the fact that she is now included as a permanent member is an enrichment for the ARGH band’s sound, especially in 'live' situations. Iselin’s vocals fit perfectly well together with Andreas’s deeper vocal style. They also have a tough duet on the album, plus Iselin also has a solo song.
An album highlight is the brilliant cover it contains of the huge 80's hit single: ‘Wonderful Life’ by BLACK.

‘Get It Right’ was released on 12th May 2017.


01. Homemade Wings (3:44)
02. Night Of The Living Synth (4:31)
03. Get It Right (3:53)
04. Dream A Dream (3:25)
05. No Romance (4:11)
06. Run Away (4:31)
07. Too Late To Say Goodbye (3:47)
08. Superwish (3:35)
09. Wonderful Life (4:49)

TPT - 36:26