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Superb, eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2016’s massive selling: ‘Seasons Turn’ album by the GALAHAD guitarist, and boy was it worth the wait or what!

Lee Abraham is a guitarist from UK Prog Rock band GALAHAD, but as his 5 solo albums released between 2009 and 2018 have proved, he is also a magnificent songwriter!

‘Colours’ features seven new songs that have a slightly different feel to Abraham’s previous releases.
It still very much comes from a Prog blueprint, but he has explored more AOR influences on this album, with nods to TOTO, ASIA and FM! However, it still features enough of the classic elements of Prog to keep the purists more that happy.

Once again the album features his core band line-up (see details below) with some really amazing vocal performances from Dec Burke [FROST* / DARWIN’S RADIO], Marc Atkinson [RIVERSEA / MANDALABAND], Gary Chandler [JADIS], Robin Armstrong [COSMOGRAF], Simon Godfrey [TINYFISH] and the ever stunning Steve Overland [FM / WILDLIFE]!

Says Lee: “lyrical themes touch on love and relationships, both good and bad and also how in modern life bad things happen yet we just seem to carry on, almost ignoring it all.”

We can tell you that ‘Colours’ really is so much more than a Prog album … it is a record choc full of wonderful songs that are brilliantly sung, played and produced to a standard that stands high alongside the music of more mainstream classic artists such as Paul Carrack and Mike & The Mechanics as well as the giants of the 80’s AOR scene previously mentioned as influential, but with that modern Prog edge that for me provides the perfect combination for big sales over and above those that the genre currently brings and taking the genre to a far wider audience.

Lee Abraham is an amazingly good songwriter and that facet of his musical skills should not be underestimated. As well as providing great sounds of melodic Prog these often anthemic songs deliver more of the goose bump moments via the vocal arrangements and instrumentation than your average Prog album will. – I LOVE this music!

The full musician line-up for ‘Colours’ is: Lee Abraham (guitars / keyboards / lead (on track 2) & backing vocals / production & mixing) with Dec Burke (lead & backing vocals on track 1 & 5), Marc Atkinson (backing vocals on track 2), Steve Overland (vocals on track 3), Robin Armstrong (vocals on track 4), Simon Godfrey (vocals on track 6), Gary Chandler (vocals on track 7), Christopher Harrison (backing vocals on tracks 5, 6 & 7), Rob Arnold (electric piano on tracks 2 & 4 and piano on tracks 3, 6 & 7 and Hammond organ on track 7), Alistair Begg (bass) and Gerald Mulligan (drums).

The album comes in a jewel case with accompanying 12-Page Booklet with lyrics and player details.

‘Colours’ was released on 1st December 2017.

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01. Colours (4:40)
02. Broken Dreams (6:29)
03. Always Yours (6:17)
04. Find Another Way (7:07)
05. Warning Sign (5:03)
06. Survive (6:30)
07. Mirror Falls (14:13)

TPT - 50:20