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Product Format: 3LP               

Price: Normally £36.99 Currently £26.66 (exc) £31.99 (inc)


This 2018 Limited Edition Triple High-Grade Vinyl LP edition of the amazing 1979 'Düsseldorf' concert is presented in Double Gatefold Sleeve!

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Some gigs are simply meant to be out there - even if they take decades to actually make it into our hands! This is without doubt one of those concerts; recorded at the Philips Halle, Düsselsdorf on the 28th March 1979 during the ‘Live Herald’ Tour.

Released following the AIM-nominated ‘Searching For The Spark’ Deluxe Box Set from Hillage, this new 'Düsselsdorf' Triple Vinyl LP showcases the Steve Hillage Band's prowess with excellent sound quality - a quality so high that you'll forget that it's a live recording until the applause comes!
This is a band at the height of its powers, with Steve in great voice throughout, and most obviously utterly enjoying themselves. The vibe is completely infectious and doesn't let up throughout the entire gig.

Featuring Steve's own adventurous compositions and covers of BEATLES and Donovan classics, all are approached with a joie-de-vivre and high sensibility. The trademark heady combination of vibrant psychedelic rock interwoven with an irresistible full-blooded groove, interspersed with the smoothest of deep-space synth/guitar trips, gathers all before it in a tsunami of uplifting music.
With the benefit of hindsight, Steve's musical trajectory from the creative space riffs of GONG to the trance and techno of SYSTEM 7 is made instantly clear.

‘Düsselsdorf’ is also available as a Double CD Mediabook Package – Stock # 2057525

‘Düsselsdorf’ is released on 3rd March 2018.


LP 1 – Side 1:
01. New Age Synthesis {Unzipping The Zype} (8:36)
02. Hurdy Gurdy Glissando (10:07)

LP 1 – Side 2:
01. Light In The Sky (5:43)
02. Unidentified {Flying Being} (10:01)

LP 2 – Side 1:
01. Radio (9:17)
02. The Dervish Riff (4:33)

LP 2 – Side 2:
01. Hurdy Gurdy Man (6:38)
02. Motivation (6:24)
03. 1988 Aktivator (2:25)
04. Crystal City (3:26)

LP 3 – Side 1:
01. Activation Meditation (1:31)
02. The Glorious Om Riff (6:35)
03. Meditation Of The Dragon (2:51)
04. It's All Too Much (6:53)

LP 3 – Side 2:
01. Encore 1: Electrick Gypsies (7:27)
02. Encore 2: Talking To The Sun (7:05)