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Product Format: CD               

Price: £14.99 (exc) £17.99 (inc)


45 Minute+ track of improvised Space Music recorded by Guy Vachaudez and Emmanuel D’Haeyere on a range or Korg synthesizers and keyboards!

Over just one long piece it’s a pretty dynamic piece of music that the pair have assembled for ‘Entropie’.
This is the style of Electronic Music you get deeply absorbed into (especially on headphones) and the sound quality is quite incredible.
Unlike other earlier AGE material, some of which is known for its strong melodies, there is none of that here, just powerfully engaging atmospheric scene painting of the highest order.

The disc comes in a 4-Panel Laminated Digi-Pak together with a 4-Page Booklet in which the due describe the concept behind the excellent cosmic music that they have created for ‘Entropie’.

‘Entropie’ was released in 2018.

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01. Entropie (45:21)

TPT – 45:21