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Product Format: CD               

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Brand new Celestial Celtic based music in a style described as being a magical collage of: Enya / IONA / Sally Oldfield and NIGHTWISH!

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Everything begins with a vision. A virtuoso imagination hovering auspiciously in the air composed of multi-faceted fragments and ideas that gradually become more concrete, slowly taking shape and then finally forming out of the minds of their makers as a new project. Completely unexpected, it’s just a natural, flowing process. This is just what happened with these three outstanding, internationally successful musicians who have created a musical gem in the form of AURI.
Johanna Kurkela, Tuomas Holopainen and Troy Donockley take their eponymous debut on a fairytale journey through time and space, far from here and now reminding us of the fantastic adventures of Alice in Wonderland.

AURI made its way to life through the faith of three passionate artists who felt the need for music to exist which they could not describe, formed simply by a harmonious symbiosis. In 2011 the band came up with the idea of creating something in common for the first time.
“We have known each other for a long time and we are really good friends in our free time as well. We see each other constantly and realised early on that we share a preference for similar musical landscapes. Troy had already written a song called ‘Aphrodite Rising’. We made a demo of that song and we knew immediately that this would work and that we should definitely record a full-length album. But when we decided to take this year off from NIGHTWISH in 2017, it was clear that the time was right to put it all together and see what we came up with. We wrote new songs, flew to Cornwall for the photo shoot and recorded the album over the summer at my place in Finland. Troy played his parts in England. We also had some selected guest musicians from the Netherlands and the UK on board,” explains Tuomas.

If Tuomas describes ‘Auri’ in his own words, he cannot help but smile; “Just a few days ago, we had this conversation within the band and we thought about the best way to describe it. Two terms came to our minds: Rabbit Hole Music and Celestial Metal. Obviously you can hear influences from folk music, Celtic music, soundtracks - all that music that we love and adore, but categorising the style is really impossible. I’ll leave that to the listeners.”
A tour is currently not planned but one thing is already certain: “This is definitely not just a one album thing!” So sit back, close your eyes and let yourself fall into the depths. A world of wonder and miracles awaits you behind the mirrors. Are you ready?

‘Auri’ is also available as a Limited CD Mediabook – Stock # 2059160
‘Auri’ is also available as a Double Vinyl LP – Stock # 2069428

‘Auri’ was released on 22nd March 2018.

AURI: AURI CD Digi-Pak Track List:

01. The Space Between
02. I Hope Your World Is Kind
03. Skeleton Tree
04. Desert Flower
05. Night
06. See
07. Name Of The Wind
08. Aphrodite Rising
09. Savant
10. Underthing Solstice
11. Them Thar Chanterelles