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Ridiculously addictive, elegant, melodic, neo-classical melodies from Germany for fans of Vangelis and Richard Vimal’s more symphonic, romantic styles!

Now for something completely different from the world of Electronic Music – different because this is not your usual “Berlin School” fare!
The first thing I need to say is: don’t be swayed into thinking that this and the other U. Kutschera CD’s are pure piano albums – they are not -- they contain beautifully well-balanced neo-classical piano and synthesizer material of the highest order, where both keyboards share the limelight in relatively equal measures!

This is truly elegant, often romantic styled EM that is nearer to the melodic, grandiose music also produced in the past by the great romantic synth masters such as Rick Wakeman, Rick Van Der Linden (of Dutch neo-classical band EKSEPTION), Vangelis, Richard Vimal and even possibly Isao Tomita in a few places – some is also music that would easily fit the ethos of later day releases on the long gone German I.C. label!

There is a real refreshingly sensitive, emotional charm to the work of Ulrich Kutschera, a musician that was first exposed to the world by EM mail order stalwarts: Archie Patterson (Eurock – Oregon, USA) and Andy Garibaldi (Lotus Records, UK) when his first album was originally issued on vinyl LP in the early 80’s.

Eurock started it all off by selling hundreds of copies of ‘The First Incarnation’ vinyl LP when it was released in 1983. "The record is stunning …beautiful keyboard refrains, elegant piano work and melodic electronics blend into one of the most beautiful sets of neo-classical music you will hear" - Archie Patterson – 1983.

Although it was the 1st CD to be released, ‘San Francisco Bay’ possibly contains the most modern EM styles of the three volumes released so far. It captures the natural beauty and atmosphere of the Bay Area (California) over eight delightfully picturesque tracks that are again rich in elegant melody and stylistically classy, as the piano and other keyboards lead the way bathed in warm-sweeping synth orchestrations.

All these rare titles by U. Kutschera contain some form of magical musical ingredient that makes them addictive and therefore recommend to all those “music” lovers who like quiet, melodious, authentic compositions played in a style that is somewhat difficult to characterize at times, but utterly charming and hard to find fault with if I’m honest!

This, like all the other CD’s, is supplemented with a wonderful little booklet containing original artwork that features (un-published) drawings and paintings created by Uli’s father, the artist: Alfred Kutschera (1928–2004).
These simple, but joyously relaxed images pair perfectly with the beautiful music performed on each of the CD’s they represent, making each release a real family creation that must surely make this musician proud.

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All titles are available from stock now!


01. San Francisco Bay (7:17)
02. Mallard Lake (3:28)
03. Leland Stanford Jr. (6:30)
04. Sunflower Cafe (6:45)
05. Carmel Mission (2:30)
06. Ocean Beach (3:36)
07. California Sunset (6:02)
08. Lone Cypress (6:38)

TPT – 43:13