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Product Format: CD               

Price: Normally £10.99 Currently £7.49 (exc) £8.99 (inc)


Previously only ever available on CD as a Jap import, this is the first time this 1979 LP has been released over the rest of the world on digital disc format!

Chris Rainbow was a pseudonym used by Chris Harley (born 18 November 1946, Glasgow, Scotland – died February 2015 on the Isle Of Skye, Scotland) was a Scottish rock singer, songwriter, vocal arranger and producer. He was a frequent contributor to The ALAN PARSONS PROJECT and a one-time member of CAMEL, as well as many other artists’ work (listed below).

Active as a solo recording artist between the years of 1975 - 1981, Chris Rainbow wrote and recorded three very highly regarded albums: ‘Home Of The Brave’ (Polydor - 1975), ‘Looking Over My Shoulder’ (Polydor - 1978) and this, his 3rd full length recording: ‘White Trails’ (EMI - 1979), as well as recording a collection of singles recorded throughout his valued career.

With one of the finest, most sought after harmonic voices in the business, Chris Rainbow has worked extensively adding vocal contributions to artists' work of the calibre of: ALAN PARSONS (both for his PROJECT & ‘Freudiana’ line-ups) and JON ANDERSON (on his solo albums: ‘Animation’ & ‘Song Of Seven’). He was also member of the Progressive Rock band: CAMEL for a time, where he contributed keyboards as well as vocals to the albums: ‘Single Factor’, ‘Pressure Points’ and ‘Stationary Traveller’, as well as on ‘live’ performances.
He also worked with pop luminaries such as CULTURE CLUB, Elaine Paige and Toyah Wilcox, and he produced and worked on albums for the likes of Scottish Gaelic rock groups: RUNRIG and WOLFSTONE.

Chris was also famous for the close-harmony “jingles” he created for DJ Kenny Everett on his crazy radio programmes, and Kenny was indeed a big fans of the man’s own music, giving him regular air-play on his shows.
Only those of The BEACH BOYS matched the vocal-harmony arrangements of Chris Rainbow!

‘White Trails’ features many familiar names in the musician line-up: Simon Phillips (drums), Pete Zorn (bass / flute / sax), Mo Foster (bass), Dave Lawson (GREENSLADE), Ian Bairnson (PILOT / KEATS / ALAN PARSONS PROJECT), Mart Jenner (guitar), Max Middleton (Fender Rhodes / Arp synthesizer), Derek Quinn (percussion) and Dick Morrissey (sax).

‘White Trails’ comes with a 12-Page Booklet that includes an essay by Alan Robinson.
The original Jap CD version was issued in 1993, and re-issued again in 2010, so this first time UK release will be welcomed by his many fans worldwide – better late than never as they say!

‘White Trails’ is released on 15th June 2018.


01. Love You Eternally (3:41)
02. Don't Take the Night Away (4:49)
03. Song Of The Earth (3:54)
04. Be Like A Woman (4:16)
05. Ring Ring (3:05)
06. Streetwise (3:33)
07. White Trails (5:55)
08. In Love With Love (7:04)
09. Body Music [7" version] (4:06) * Bonus Track *
10. Girl In Collision [12" version] (5:37) * Bonus Track *
11. Body Music [12" version] (6:06) * Bonus Track *

TPT – 52:08