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The UK based electronic music trio comprising: Adrian Beasley, John Christian and Peter Ruczynski with ‘Travelling Light’, their brand new 2018 album!

‘Travelling Light’ was recorded 'live' at the E-day festival and consists of just two long tracks!
The almost hour long title track slowly builds up a polyrhythmic jigsaw of sequencer patterns, like a sculptor hunting for the form buried in a slab of marble, or something similar.
The band was given a pretty free hand as to timing, so the music has time to breathe and develop.

On the day, the set was even longer but a section that was a little sparse due to technical difficulties has been compressed, but despite the time warping it's all here!

The coda to this is: ‘Convoi Exceptione’ - a Bonus Track that was the encore. With energy levels still high from the main set, there's no let up and it was straight into modular-fuelled Sequencer heaven again!

But just in case that all sounds a bit one-dimension, don't worry - the ever shifting sequencers serve as a backdrop for some of the most intense playing seen at an AIR SCULPTURE concert - Vast phasing pads, wailing leads, it's all here.

‘Travelling Light’ comes in a beautiful mini-vinyl album style Heavy Card Gatefold Sleeve!

‘Travelling Light’ is released on 1st June 2018.

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01. Travelling Light (59:32)
02. Convoi Exceptionel (13:10)

TPT - 72:42