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Product Format: 2CD               

Price: £14.16 (exc) £16.99 (inc)


2018 Expanded Double Disc of the 1973 classic debut Prog album by this semi-instrumental, dual keyboards led four-piece band, containing 7 Bonus Tracks!

Formed in 1972 by former COLOSSEUM keyboard player Dave Greenslade, the band also featured former WEB and SAMURAI member Dave Lawson (keyboards / vocals), former COLOSSEUM bass player: Tony Reeves and drummer: Andrew McCulloch (formerly with KING CRIMSON and FIELDS).

The calibre of the members of GREENSLADE ensured that the group would be innovative, ground breaking and dynamic in their musical approach and would also be notable due to the absence of a guitarist within their ranks.

Having two keyboard players gave this band a very unique sound and among the different keyboards used by Greenslade and Lawson are the Hammond organ, Mellotrons, Clavinet, electric piano and ARP synthesizer.
If you are a fan of the vintage Mellotron keyboard and you are not that familiar with this band’s music, we can thoroughly recommend GREENSLADE to you, because Dave Greenslade’s wide use of the instrument in pretty sensational, utilising the full range of unique sounds it had to offer: brass, strings and choirs, all of which are brilliantly represented alongside all the other analogue keyboards and a thoroughly amazing rhythm section, that includes a bass player that even takes a lead or two to create and exciting, dynamic and driving sound!

Originally issued in February 1973, ‘Greenslade’ was a fine semi-instrumental debut album and featured such future classic compositions as: ‘Feathered Friends’, ‘Melange’, ‘Drowning Man’ and ‘Sundance’.

Considered by many to be a band that were at their finest on stage, this Expanded Edition of the ‘Greenslade’ album includes a Bonus CD of seven recordings made for BBC Radio One: 3 ‘Sounds Of The Seventies’ Sessions recorded 10th January 1973 and first broadcast on the 29th January 1973, plus a 4-Track ‘In Concert’ set recorded at the Paris Theatre in London - 5th April 1973. These ‘live tracks are being released on CD for the very first time and offer a glimpse of the excellence of the band in a ‘live’ environment.

This Expanded Edition of ‘Greenslade’ has been Newly Remastered from the Original Master Tapes.
The iconic artwork on the 6-Panel Digi-Pak comes courtesy of the long standing YES artist Roger Dean, who was just starting to make his mark on album artwork scene in the early seventies.
The 24-Page Fully Illustrated Booklet contains many Rare Cuttings and includes an essay by Malcolm Dome, plus exclusive interviews with Dave Greenslade and Dave Lawson from the band.

‘Greenslade’ 2CD is released on 28th September 2018.

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CD 1 [‘Greenslade’ Album Remastered]:
01. Feathered Friends (6:42)
02. An English Western (3.25)
03. Drowning Man (6:40)
04. Temple Song (3:32)
05. Melange (7:27)
06. What Are You Doin’ To Me (4:40)
07. Sundance (8:45)

CD 2: [Previously Unreleased BBC Recordings: January - April 1973]:
01. Temple [BBC Radio One ‘SOTS’ Session – January 1973] * Bonus Track *
02. Feathered Friends [BBC Radio One ‘SOTS’ Session - January 1973] * Bonus Track *
03. An English Western [BBC Radio One ‘SOTS’ Session - January 1973] * Bonus Track *
04. Sundance [BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’ – April 1973] * Bonus Track *
05. Drowning Man [BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’ – April 1973] * Bonus Track *
06. Feathered Friends [BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’ – April 1973] * Bonus Track *
07. Melange [BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’ – April 1973] * Bonus Track *