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4-Discs inc. 8 Unreleased Tracks and an Unreleased Concert Film spanning the career of this celebrated synthesizer, electronic & ambient music pioneer!

Tim Blake first came to prominence as a member of GONG where his synthesiser experimentation and mastery was demonstrated on albums such as: ‘Flying Teapot’, ‘Angel’s Egg’ and ‘You’.
He would also join HAWKWIND from 1979 – 1980 and again from November 2007.
After departing GONG in 1975 he teamed up with French lighting designer Patrice Warrener to form CRYSTAL MACHINE, pioneering the use of lasers and synthesisers in a live setting.
Blake’s debut album: 'Crystal Machine’, was originally released in 1977 on the French experimental label Egg and featured two pieces recorded live in the UK and in France. This work was followed by arguably his finest work: ‘Blake’s New Jerusalem’ in 1978. Unlike his previous work, the album featured some songs and the lengthy title-track would dominate the album’s second side. ‘New Jerusalem’ also featured the guest appearance of Jean-Philippe Rykiel on Mini-Moog. Tim Blake would later perform both ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘New Jerusalem’ as a member of HAWKWIND when he joined the band the following year. He remained with the group for just over a year before returning to France and moving away from music.
Tim returned to the music scene with the album: ‘Magick’ in 1991, recorded at his home studio in a windmill in Brittany.
Although he made occasional ‘live’ appearances, it would be nine years before he would return with a new album: ‘The Tide Of The Century’. Recorded once again at his Windmill studio, the album featured a host of fine songs and music. In 2002 Tim recorded and released: ‘Caldea Music II’, a work especially commissioned by the Caldea Spa centre in Andorra. The album saw Tim return to his purely instrumental roots, cited by some as a modern equivalent of his classic: ‘Crystal Machine’ album. Recorded once again at his Windmill studio, the album featured wonderfully evocative music and guest appearances by Christian Boule (Glissando guitar) and Konan Mevel (Catalan bagpipes / flute). Joining HAWKWIND once more in 2007, Tim recorded his most recent solo album: ‘Noggi Tar’ in 2012, an album that he described as: “a digital theses on virtual lead guitar”.

This new ‘Lighthouse’ Anthology celebrates Tim’s work both as a member of GONG and HAWKWIND and as a solo artist and includes tracks from all stages of his career. Most interestingly, ‘Lighthouse’ also features 8 PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED RECORDINGS, including three from ‘The Birth of Crystal Machine’ in the 1970’s, along with three recordings from the so-called: ‘Forgotten Tapes’ and two tracks recorded live in Amsterdam and Exeter in 2006 and 2009 respectively.
As a final highlight, the anthology includes a BONUS DVD featuring a Previously Unreleased Recording of Tim Blake’s appearance on French television in April 1979, performing: ‘Generator {Laser Beam]’, ‘Passage Pour La Cité Des Révélations’, ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘New Jerusalem’.
'Lighthouse' is a fine celebration of a fine musician.

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‘Lighthouse-An Anthology: 1973-2012’ is released on 30th November 2018.


Disc 1 [CD]:
01. GONG: The Octave Doctors And The Crystal Machine
02. GONG: Other Side Of The Sky
03. GONG: A Sprinkling Of Clouds
05. Tim Blake: Midnight
06. Tim Blake: Synthese Intemporel
07. Tim Blake: Passage Sur La Cite {Des Revelations}
08. Tim Blake: New Jerusalem
09. HAWKWIND: Lighthouse

Disc 2 [CD]:
01. HAWKWIND: Prelude
02. HAWKWIND: Who’s Gonna Win The War
03. Tim Blake: A Return To The Clouds
04. Tim Blake: Waiting For Nati
05. Tim Blake: The Tide Of The Century
06. Tim Blake: Byzantium Dancing
07. Tim Blake: Jacuzzi Surfing
08. Tim Blake: Floating
09. Tim Blake: Absent Friends
10. Tim Blake: Byzance [live in Exeter 2009 – Previously Unreleased]

Disc 3 [CD – Tim Blake: Previously Unreleased Archive Recordings]:
01. Ionic Clouds 2 [‘Birth Of Crystal Machine’ – Previously Unreleased]
02. Psychedelic Springs [‘Birth Of Crystal Machine’ – Previously Unreleased]
03. Forteresse / Crystal Mirrors To Infinity [‘Birth Of Crystal Machine’ – Previously Unreleased]
04. Forgotten Tapes - 1 [Previously Unreleased]
05. Forgotten Tapes - 2 [Previously Unreleased]
06. Forgotten Tapes - 3 [Previously Unreleased]
07. Tide Of The Century [Live In Amsterdam 2006 – Previously Unreleased]

Disc 4 [DVD - Tim Blake: Les Musiciens: The French TV Performance 20th April 1979 - Region 0/NTSC – Previously Unreleased]:
01. Generator {Laser Beam}
02. Passage Pour La Cité Des Révélations
03. Lighthouse
04. New Jerusalem