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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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Ltd to 1,000 copies this pushes the boundaries of DiN’s established catalogue - An exciting addition to a roster of fine, internationally acclaimed EM artists!

Evan Bartholomew has been performing electronic music for nearly twenty years as BLUETECH, Evan Marc, Invisible Allies (with Kilowatts), and is one of the founders of MicrodoseVR, with Android Jones and the Vision Agency team.

Evan is an internationally recognised touring music producer with over 27 album / EP releases in the last fifteen+ years, and has a seasoned portfolio of video game and film / TV scoring credits.
BLUETECH is a master of analogue and modular sound synthesis and DSP audio manipulation, and brings a passion for sound design and cutting edge audio exploration into all the work he touches.
His music transcends the constructs normally associated with a calculated “electronic artist,” pursuing music with meaning and purpose in various styles, like Ambient and Downtempo, FutureBass and Techno.

‘Liquid Geometries’ sees him exploring shifting, fractal landscapes of melodic, sequenced lines using a huge range of analogue modular synthesisers. With a distinct nod to the “Berlin School” masters of the past, he upgrades that musical heritage with nine shimmering soundscapes utilising modern production techniques to create beautiful tapestries of sound. These benefit from repeated, deep listening as there are so many details and interlaced patterns that will reveal themselves over time.
Evan also invited DiN label boss Ian Boddy to perform using his distinctive Ondes Martenot analogue synth keyboard on the track: ‘Tranquility Gate’. Evan has also got an exclusive track (‘Magnetic Lullaby’) on the DiN sub-label compilation: ‘Tone Science Module No.2: Elements & Particles’ [DiN:TS02].

‘Liquid Geometries’ is released 16th November 2018.


01. Bardo Waves (6:42)
02. Vessels (7:34)
03. Helix (5:18)
04. Crystalline Forms (6:22)
05. Subterranea (5:18)
06. Dawn Ascent (7:17)
07. Tranquility Gate (7:53)
08. Resonating Heart (5:42)
09. Underground Lakes (6:10)

TPT - 58:34