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From the Canterbury scene this is inventive, quirky & thoroughly entertaining and will make you think of seventies CARAVAN and HATFIELD & THE NORTH!

If you are a fan of 70’s CARAVAN Canterbury / Prog albums, this semi-instrumental music will be of great interest to you! REGAL WORM is basically a hugely talented UK multi-instrumentalist (keyboards being the prime instrument) called Jarrod Gosling and his musical roots are firmly steeped in the sound of 1970’s Canterbury music!

With online quotes such as the following coming in we just had to offer these REGAL WORM albums …
“I love Jarrods musical worlds & this is another cracking album … A joy from start to finish”
“The old Canterbury Rock in a modern way. Amazing.”
“Absolutely breathtaking, in the same vein of the predeceasing album - Highly recommended!
“A panoply of borborygmic bliss and simultaneous sonic febrile compositions, dealing with the usual variety of subject matter, from Nordic vampire folk tales, potential antichrists, volcanoes, the sun to a ghostly doomed love affair.”

The music is original and inventive, brilliantly written and performed, humorous at times, uniquely quirky and extremely entertaining, reminding me at time of one of my all-time favourite albums from 1970: CARAVAN’s ‘In The Land Of Grey And Pink’, mixed with signs of material by another legendary Canterbury outfit: HATFIELD & THE NORTH! … And for “tron” fans, there are lashings of the good old Mellotron M400 all over it as well J

The musician list for ‘Use And Ornament’ is:
Jarrod Gosling (Mellotron M400 / Hammond organs / Leslie Speakers / jarlsberg organ / Rhodes piano, PLUS: bass guitars / electric & acoustic guitars / drums / percussion / voice / bowed saw / glockenspiels / accordion / recorder / whistles / stylophone / mouth organ / other home made stuff / direction, effects and stories.)
Guests are: Mick Somerset-Ward (alto, tenor & soprano saxophones / alto & C flute / whistles / bass clarinet / Jew’s harp / shruti box / Maestoso effects unit / sleigh bells / voice), Peter Rophone (voice), Kevin Pearce (voice), Louis Atkinson (tenor & soprano saxophones), Richard Bradley (EMS Synthi AKS / flexitone / vibraslap), Lucy Fawcett (trumpet), Emily Ireland (voice), Nick Gosling (electric guitar), Jack Helliwell (violin), Lucy Hope (voice), Graham McElearney (harps) and Rebecca Allen (voice).

‘Use And Ornament’ was recorded at Pig View, Sheffield, England between 2011 and 2012.
The album was mastered by Dean Honer at The Bowling Green and cut by Sean Magee at Abbey Road.
Artwork is by Jarrod Gosling & Varrod Goblink.

The album comes in a Jewelcase with an 8-Page Booklet.

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01. Zinc Ferment (1:32)
02. Cherish That Rubber Rodent (4:00)
03. The Mardis Gras Turned Ugly In Seconds (4:30)
04. Apple Witch (4:05)
05. Morning Sentinel (2:31)
06. Confession From A Deep And Warm Hibernaculum (13:18)
i. Running, Hopping, Leaping
ii. Nimbostratus
iii. Sword Blades
iv. Time And Circumstance {One Second Either Way}
07. Mud (1:24)
08. 6:17 PM – The Aunt Turns Into An Ant (26:12)
i. Crunch time. Tea waste. Flagstone desert.
ii. Narration # 1
iii. Six feet and under the table. Approaching terror.
iv. Beset by centipedes. The well-timed rescue
v. Narration # 2
vi. Acceptance into the colony, on condition that eighteen score and ten aphids are ritually sacrificed. Refusal and escape.
vii. Flagstone dessert (with cake crumbs). Ant alone.
viii. Narration # 3
ix. My name is Silvius. Ant elopes. From ants to blackbirds and beyond.
x. Each its hour.
09. Klara Till Slutet [Main Title Teme] (3:17)

TPT – 60:52