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A total MELLOTRON fest for fans of KING CRIMSON, GOBLIN, MAGMA, the UK Canterbury scene and even Ennio Morricone from this ÄNGLAGÅRD off-shoot!

Take a modern Progressive rock fan and let him listen to the first notes of: ‘A Drop Of Light’, the debut album from a new project called: ALL TRAPS ON EARTH - We have no doubt that it will take him a few seconds only to recall a name that has become a legend of Scandinavian symphonic Prog scene: ÄNGLAGÅRD!

As a matter of fact, ALL TRAPS ON EARTH is the name chosen by ÄNGLAGÅRD’s founding member and bassist Johan Brand for this project of his, involving keyboard player Thomas Johnson and drummer / percussionist Erik Hammarström from the same 'source band'. They are joined by Johan’s talented daughter: Miranda Brand (vocals), as well as a plethora of guests from the Swedish scene.

Almost five years of painstaking work and an obsessive care and attention even for the smallest details have led to the creation of an exceptional work that starts with ÄNGLAGÅRD’s music style, amplifies its complexity and epicness, enriching its sonic spectrum thanks to the presence of five other musicians on guitar and wind instruments. As for instrumentation, improvisation, dynamics, rhythmic shifts and atmosphere, ALL TRAPS ON EARTH have put no limits, releasing a monumental record, destined to leave a mark not only for the current year 2018, but also in the future... and you know what, just as you might expect from a Swedish Prog album … it’s a total MELLOTRON fest! Fans of KING CRIMSON, GOBLIN, MAGMA, the UK Canterbury scene and even of Ennio Morricone, whose sounds are frequently recalled during the record, will enjoy this album for sure, but we have no doubt that any Prog-lover will appreciate this unexpected, fantastic album!

Here is the musician line-up…
Johan Brand (Mellotron M400 and M4000D / Moog Voyager / Moog Minitaur / organs / Fender Rhodes / clavinet / Rickenbacker 4001 and 4001S basses / Fender Jazz Deluxe bass / Revelation Jazzmaster VI bass / Moog Taurus 1 / Epiphone Gibson Les Paul guitar / Green Gibson Les Paul guitar / Percussion / vocals).
Thomas Johnson (grand pianos / Fender Rhodes / Wurlitzers / pianets / clavinet / organs / Mellotron M4000D / Moog Voyager).
Erik Hammarström (drums: Tama Artstar I (Cordia) / cymbals / Yamaha Oak Custom Absolute Noveau snare drum / Vibraphone / marimba / xylophone / glockenspiel / crotales / timpani / gran cassa / wood blocks / tam-tam / tubular bells).
Miranda Brand: Vocals.

Guest musicians:
Fredrik Lindborg (bass clarinet / baritone, tenor, alto & soprano saxophone), Karl Olandersson (trumpet / flugelhorn), Magnus Båge (concert flute), Matthias Bååth (bass & concert flute / tenor & alto recorder) and Phil Mercy (organic guitars).

‘Drop Of Light’ is also available as a Double 180gm Vinyl LP – Stock # 2110984

‘Drop Of Light’ is released on 11th November 2018.


01. All Traps On Earth (18:15)
02. Magmatic Warning (16:09)
03. Omen (12:59)
04. First Step (2:03)
05. Bortglömda Gårdar (14:03)

TPT – 63:29