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In 2017 a dear friend and past member of MOSTLY AUTUMN - Liam Davison - died suddenly and left the band and their fans heartbroken!

Bryan Josh says:
"A dear old friend and fellow musician of 38 years, not to mention 18 years with MOSTLY AUTUMN, once expressed to me his love for the idea of a Viking funeral - you know, when they fire the flaming arrow and it ignites the boat - I loved Liam more than words can describe, as did many, so it only felt right that we give him one last send off in the best way we know, straight through the heart of Mostly Autumn."

So begins the latest album from MOSTLY AUTUMN – ‘White Rainbow’. It has been described as the best album from the band so far and is full of sublime vocals and heartfelt guitar, not to mention the longest track the band have ever recorded!

Bryan Josh is that rare beast – a hugely talented guitarist who knows how to play with feeling and for the song. His soaring guitar, always drenched in pure emotion, at times recall the golden era of guitar heroes such as David Gilmour but never outstays its welcome, always leaving the listener wanting a little more.
Lead vocalist Olivia Sparnenn is a true talent, the range and beauty of her voice is world class.
The magnificence of Iain Jennings on keyboards, complimented by a rock solid yet fluid rhythm section - Andy Smith (bass), Henry Rogers (drums), Chris Johnson (guitar) and Angela Gordon on flute and keyboards, make MOSTLY AUTUMN a band that will enthral you and awaken memories of what real music is really about.
A guest musician on this album is: Troy Donockley (NIGHTWISH).

Recorded, engineered and mastered by: John Spence at Fairview Studios, Hull
Mixed by: John Spence and Bryan Josh at Fairview Studios, Hull
Producer / executive producer: Bryan Josh.

‘White Rainbow’ is released on 22nd February 2019.


01. Procession (2:33)
02. Viking Funeral (10:29)
03. Burn (5:05)
04. Run For The Sun (6:31)
05. Western Skies (7:02)
06. Into The Stars (4:05)
07. Up (7:06)
08. The Undertow (7:27)
09. Gone (2:44)
10. White Rainbow (19:13)
11. Young (4:34)

TPT – 76:49