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Product Format: 2CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £12.49 (exc) £14.99 (inc)


2019 Double Disc set comprising two completely different electronic music performances Boddy made in one day at Philadelphia on October 20th 2018!

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DiN label boss Ian Boddy has been performing his own brand of ambient electronica since 1979.
Over those 40 years he has built up a wealth of experience of what works in a ‘live’ environment as well as being able to tailor his shows to the particular setting he finds himself in.
As well as playing all over the UK and in Germany & The Netherlands he has also crossed the Atlantic several times to the USA and played shows in Philadelphia. The main reason for the latter destination is the wonderful community of listeners built up by DJ/Synth musician: Chuck Van Zyl at The Gatherings series of concerts, which provides a dedicated fan base for Boddy’s style of electronic music.
Chuck is also the host of the excellent Star’s End Radio show on WXPN in Philadelphia and Boddy has often combined these concert trips with live radio shows for both Star’s End as well as Echoes Radio hosted by veteran DJ John Diliberto.

Thus 2018 ushered in a fresh adventure for Boddy with a new invitation to play at The Gatherings. His past performances have found their way on to releases such as: ‘Shrouded’ (his 2000 show) and ‘React’ (DiN29) with Robert Rich. Several of his Star’s End live sets have also been released on DiNDDL as download only albums. However the trip in 2018 produced what is in Boddy’s opinion, his best pair of performances to date and so he has decided to release a double ‘live’ album to showcase this trip.

Disc 1 documents his Gatherings show on the evening of 20th October in the beautiful St. Mary’s Church in Philadelphia, whereas Disc 2 is his live radio show on Star’s End performed at 2am on the Sunday morning immediately after his Gatherings show!

The music on The Gatherings disc features some tracks from his previous studio album: ‘As Above So Below’ (DiN51) as well as new material composed specifically for this concert. Boddy performed the show playing analogue keyboards and a modular set up borrowed over in the USA alongside Ableton Live laptop work. Muscular analogue sequenced grooves are overlaid with atmospheric beds of FX as well as grandiose sweeping chords. The music gradually building up to the climax of the track: ‘The Thaumaturge’ from his ‘As Above So Below’ album for which the audience certainly show their appreciation.

The second disc from the Star’s End show is a more introspective set with atmospheric string interludes over deep ambient soundscapes. The music gradually crystallises into a delicate sequencer on: ‘Spire’ before the full “Berlin School” sequencer work out of ‘Apostasy’. Full of haunting tones, the final track: ‘Remnants’ closes the set, which works as a perfect companion disc to the earlier Gatherings set.

‘Altair’ thus shows Boddy at the height of his powers playing two very different concerts within a few hours of each other in very different venues. Produced in a beautiful Fold-Out 6-Panel Digi-Pak this double CD album is a must for both Ian Boddy fans as well as lovers of ‘live’ electronic music.

‘Altair’ is released on 17th May 2019.

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CD 1 [The Gatherings]:
01. Shrine (9:00)
02. Stay (10:09)
03. Quantum Of Memory (10:30)
04. Incognito (8:55)
05. Altair (17:07)
06. Two Blocks (13:36)
07. The Thaumaturge (8:38)
TPT - 77:54

CD 2 [Star’s End]:
01. Sanctum (8:16)
02. Unquiet (9:04)
03. Spire (14:13)
04. Apostasy (19:23)
05. Remnants (12:06)
TPT - 63:02