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The greatest of the German fantasy Prog bands are back with the 2nd and final part in Frank Bornemann’s Magnum Opus concept series of albums!

It's done! Frank Bornemann, the "Grand Seigneur" of German Prog and mastermind of ELOY, completed his 2nd Joan of Arc two years after the publication of the first part.
At the end of the day, regardless if the subject matter, a new ELOY album is always a major event at CDS Towers!!

Composed, directed and produced by Frank Bornemann, the work is dedicated to the life and acts of the late Middle Age French heroine Joan of Arc, canonised in 1920, and combines unique musical complexity with absolute and unbiased historical precision.
Impressive yet touching, this work leads through the fascinating history of this legendary figure.
In contrast to all works known in film, theatre, or even in music, in which the content has always been reproduced considerably shortened, the ‘The Vision, The Sword & The Pyre’ series impresses with its authentic and complete depiction of the events, all true and historically proven … and all in that classic, ever popular dynamic ELOY style!

If you have ‘The Vision, The Sword & The Pyre - Part I’, then you know what to expect from ‘Part II’!
That 2017 album was performed very much in the same vein of the ELOY of old that we know and love, echoing the styles of albums from long and distant past concept works like: ‘Ocean’, ‘Silent Cries…’, ‘Planets’ and ‘Time To Turn’, with all the might of the marching choruses, soaring electric guitar solos and glorious keyboard arrangements that are so familiar to the sound of classic ELOY.

The core band line-up for ‘The Vision The Sword And The Pyre-Part I’ was as follows: Frank Bornemann (lead & backing vocals / all guitars / additional keyboards), Hannes Folberth (keyboards), Michael Gerlach (keyboards), Klaus-Peter Matziol (bass) and Kristof Hinz (drums / percussion), with a whole plethora of guests that include or additional keyboard parts, flute, recorder, viola and other strings, plus vocalists, choirs and spoken narrative parts … we expect ‘Part II to be much the same.

Aesthetically the album comes in equally epic packaging with a 6-Panel Digi-Pak and accompanying 20-Page Booklet packed full of lyrics, storytelling, credits and other detail.

If you are one of the few still to be converted to the wonders of ELOY-land, then now is the time to try them out, ELOY are what I would describe as Germany’s Progressive Rock equivalent of the Andrew Jackson ‘Lord Of The Rings’ or ‘Hobbit’ epics of the movie world! Still unsure, then perhaps just go down the cheaper route of getting a flavour of the bands’ music by going for some of the early Harvest (Germany) recordings as listed below… ‘Silent Cries…’, ‘Planets’ and ‘Time To Turn’ are always thoroughly recommended and a great starting point for ELOY!

‘Vision Sword & Pyre-Part II’ is released on 17th August 2019.

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