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Deluxe 36-Page Hardback Book Edition - CD plus a DVD featuring a track-by-track documentary, video performances and 2 Videos from ‘N’monix’ album!

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Nick Magnus’ new album ‘Catharsis’ is inspired by the landscape and legends of the Ariège in the French Pyrénées, and the fact alone that this new music is all influenced by places that both he and lyricist Dick Foster hold deep in their affections, demonstrates the duo’s compositional, arranging and production skills to an even more heartfelt degree than before.

We all know Nick Magnus as being the first keyboards player with Steve Hackett’s band after Steve’s departure from GENESIS, and his many years contributing to Steve’s sound, plus his time working alongside Robert John Geoffrey in the ENID, have all provided Nick with the founding influences that are applied to the self-produced keyboards-driven Symphonic Prog that he so skilfully crafts - and is world-renowned for - today!

With music production / keyboards / choirs / percussion (plus some vocal contributions) by Nick Magnus, lyrics (plus video graphics / production) by Dick Foster and an array of guest musicians and singers: Pete Hicks (ex-Steve Hackett band - vocals), Tony Patterson (RE-GENESIS - vocals), Andy Neve (vocals), Steve Hackett (guitar), Amanda Lehmann (Steve Hackett band - vocals) and Steve Unruh (UPF / RESISTOR / SAMURAI OF PROG - violin), this is another melody fuelled epic production from Nick Magnus, the master of keyboards orchestrations.

This Deluxe 36-Page Hardback Media-Book edition of ‘Catharsis’ is LIMITED and contains the album on CD plus a highly entertaining half-hour DVD featuring a track-by-track documentary film presented by the man himself!
The film also contains video performances of tracks from ‘Catharsis’ that feature Amanda Lehmann and Tony Patterson vocal performances
Two full-length Videos that were produced for Nick’s 2014 ‘N’monix’ album are also included on the DVD.

“Travelling to new destinations is exciting, educational, and always inspirational. Some places, though, call you back time and time again. The Ariège region in the French Pyrénées is one such place.
Here mountains, caves, stunning vistas and centuries of often-turbulent history cry out to be translated into music - and so we did. Each track marks a much-loved place in the Ariège, or a time in its history, real or imagined. For me, when music tells a story it should evoke emotions and conjure images, so I've tried to capture a sense of drama, humour and grandeur in a thoughtful reflection of this alluring part of France. If you've ever visited the Ariège, perhaps you fell in love with it too.” Nick Magnus

* * * Once the Limited Edition Media-Book sells-out, ‘Catharsis’ will revert to a Digi-Pak Edition * * *

‘Catharsis’ is in stock now!

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01. Red Blood On White Stone [vocals - Andy Neve & Nick Magnus / guitar - Steve Hackett] (8:47)
02. Three Tall Towers [vocals - Pete Hicks] (4:56)
03. Convivium [instrumental] (3:22)
04. Devil's Bridge [vocals - Tony Patterson] (4:35)
05. Market At Mirepoix [vocals - Nick Magnus / violin - Steve Unruh] (4:22)
06. Gathering Mists [instrumental] (2:45)
07. A Widow In Black [vocals - Amanda Lehmann / Nick Magnus – backing vocals] (5:05)
08. Mountain Mother [vocals - Tony Patterson] (13:35)
TPT - 47:41

01. Adventures In The Ariège [The Movie - feat. Previously Unreleased Nick Magnus music] (20:42)
02. Eminent Victorians [2014 ‘N’monix’ album video feat. Pete Hicks – vocal / Steve Hackett - guitar] (7:19)
03. Shadowland [2014 ‘N’monix’ album video – feat. Steve Hackett] (2:53)
TPT – 30:54