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The new musical driving force behind TANGERINE DREAM with a 2019 album produced in a similar way to the TD ‘Sessions’ releases – Card Sleeve and all!

The new musical driving force behind TANGERINE DREAM releases a 2019 album recorded in a similar way to the TD ‘Sessions’ releases – Card Sleeve and all!

‘Munich Session’ is a ‘live’ album from TANGERINE DREAM keyboards man Thorsten Quaeschning!
Recorded at the Ambient Wave Festival in Munich on 24th May 2019 this comprises of one long track spread over seven seamless sections, but thoughtfully, Thorsten as indexed them all for easy access – great move!

This opens with beautiful melodic Memotron flute passage set over a slab of rumbling sub-bass before deep synth tone pulses make way for a dreamy string-synth symphonic section surrounded by distant spiralling synth cascades. Just past the seven-minute mark the flow is interrupted by cutting keyboard jabs and then deep bass rhythms as the piece builds in an electrified manner and flows through index point 2.

Rhythmic sequencer patterns and streaming waves of splendid string synths now start to emerge with a mixture of electronic patterns weaving in and out of the mix as it goes on and upwards to index point 3, where the session is now moving at some pace as multi-dimensional synth sounds are flying high overhead.
A warm melodic theme rises through the foreground and simmers through the mayhem of splashing electro percussion textures before calming down at just past the sixteen-minute mark and moving fluidly up toward index point 4 where a sweeping symphonic passage draws the track into a more ambient phase. All manner of floating cosmic synth textures now form a mystical atmosphere with distant melodies rolling and cascading around from piano and synthesizers.
Section 5 is initially very ambient with a range of noises and effects preceding the arrival of a distant synth machine-gun effect that tunefully fires around the soundstage until new keyboard melodies roll in and carry the track into a much louder arena where staggering stereo effects spread over the soundstage forming a vast, all-round panoramic display for all to wonder at, as the synths spiral then fly off in all directions in a hail storm of sounds and textures… but it is all very controlled!
With the pace right up there, we positively race up to in a salvo of soaring, melodic soloing from Thorsten that will just blow the minds of most EM fans and takes us up towards index point 6 in the set where a hail of choral Memotron choir sounds shroud over the rippling sounds of the synths, rhythms and sampled effects as we are whisked off up to the skies on an spiralling elevator of soaring synths!
Part 6 finds Thorsten wallowing in mists of crystalline synth textural sounds surrounded by the remnants of distant sampled effects from the previous part. After two minutes in the haze a haunting Memotron flute melody flows out of the depths evoking images of slowly emerging shafts of bright sunlight piercing through the murky atmosphere. Rippling piano melodies follow, adding more light and shade to the soundstage and bringing the penultimate part to a close before streaming on into the final movement.
Part 7 is a near ten-minute passage that opens with dark atmospheres in one channel and a strange oscillating synth sound in the other, until a new electronic rhythmic pattern emerges alongside bright effervescent synth sounds intro a sequencer driven passage where synth melodies throb in the foreground awaiting their turn to come in and deliver their contribution. As they do, the track becomes a huge congested wall of hot pulsating sounds where Thorsten seems to throw a myriad of everything but the kitchen sink into the mix before heading off into the realms of a closing passage of atmospheric, almost industrial-like sounds and samples for the final two minutes, with sampled bells chiming and so much more.

This is a really excellent album from Thorsten Quaeschning comprising many differing electronic moods, moving from cosmic, heavenly, celestial passages, through to misty, deep, dark atmospherics climaxing in sections where the music goes into hyperdrive and sounds like TD on acid! The album also incorporates its fair share of sizzling, intoxicating synth soloing and there’s plenty in the way of melody in there as well – All in all, truly excellent stuff!

‘Munich Session’ was released on 26th July 2019.

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01. Munich Session 1 (00:00 - 07:38)
02. Munich Session 2 (07:39 - 13:12)
03. Munich Session 3 (13:13 - 19:03)
04. Munich Session 4 (19:04 - 23:45)
05. Munich Session 5 (23:46 - 30:06)
06. Munich Session 6 (30:07 - 45:26)
07. Munich Session 7 (45:27 - 55:17)

TPT - 55:17