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Early 70’s Prog Rock band that featured legendary Swiss keyboard maestro Patrick Moraz who went on to be part of: REFUGEE, YES & The MOODY BLUES!

MAINHORSE came together in 1970 and lasted only for a short time, but during their existence they recorded this fine album in London in 1971. Featuring such highlights as the extended piece: ‘God’, ‘Pale Sky’ and ‘Passing Years’, the album was critically acclaimed, but failed to sell in significant quantities, so now that original LP is highly sought after among collectors.
This new 2019 CD Edition has been Remastered - under the supervision of Patrick Moraz - from the Original Source Tapes and comes as a Full-Colour Picture CD and Extra Booklet Liner Notes. A most welcome reissue!

Like the recently Remastered version of the REFUGEE album, here you have the definitive audio version of this legendary and rare Prog masterpiece that was MAINHORSE.
This is the 2nd “official” CD release for the album. The last one was in 2006, but prior to that it was only available as a dodgy European import, that although sounding semi-decent, was not really a bona-fide release.
Again, like the REFUGEE CD, some of the noises and distortions are still there from the original 70’s recording process, and there’s nothing anyone can do about that, but he whole sound had been lifted to the extent that is louder, cleaner, punchier and more “open” than ever before!

MAINHORSE comes right out of the mists of time (1971 actually), and it was the one and only album Patrick Moraz’s first recording band was to make.
The quartet were signed to Polydor records, and featured Patrick Moraz (keyboards), Jean Ristori (bass / cello / vocals - who went on to assist Moraz in the creation of his first two solo albums), Peter Lockett (electric guitar / violin / vocals) and Bryson Graham (drums – who went on to play alongside Gary Wright in WONDERWHEEL, and then joined him for a re-formed SPOOKY TOOTH in 1972).

In its day, ‘Mainhorse’ showed immense promise and was given plenty of airplay by ‘Sounds Off The 70's’ DJ: Mike Harding, but it only ever enjoyed limited success and sank without trace commercially, so the group disbanded shortly after the album was released.
As a result, not too many people managed to get their hands on the on the vinyl copies, and as such it has become a sizeable rarity that fetches serious money at auction.
Musically speaking, MAINHORSE is clearly and superbly rooted in the Prog annals of the early seventies, and it’s a “pearler” from start to finish, evoking comparisons with ENGLAND, ELP, early GENESIS and similar groups of the time. It was filled with expansive arrangements, superb songs with excellent vocals (often multi-tracked) and plenty of room for instrumental ensemble work. It also featured some exciting and fiery guitar/keyboard duelling at one end, and flowing work from the whole band at the other.
The album opens in explosive organ, guitar, bass and drums fashion, moves through a softer song, then into another smoking slice of real Prog heaven with fuzz bass, steaming guitars, great keyboard work, emotive vocals and fantastic soloing on a neatly twisting, but straight ahead composition. More explosive organ and electric guitar driven rock follows, with NICE influenced coming to the fore, filled with power and dynamics, and of a type that meant Patrick Moraz was almost THE ideal keyboards player to join the two remaining members of The NICE to form REFUGEE.

The fact that ‘Mainhorse’ has now been properly Remastered from the Original Source Tapes with Moraz on board, makes this a very desirable release indeed, so now is definitely the time to get yourself one of the genuine “lost classics” of the progressive 70's heyday.

‘Mainhorse’ is released on 27th September 2019.

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01. Introduction (5:09)
02. Passing Years (3:55)
03. Such A Beautiful Day (4:45)
04. Pale Sky (10.17)
05. Basia (5:32)
06. More Tea Vicar (3:36)
07. God (10:32)

TPT – 43:46