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Long-standing UK Prog rockers IQ release their new studio album – a Double produced by guitarist Mike Holmes and engineered by Rob Aubrey!

‘Resistance’ is the follow-up to 2014's ‘Road Of Bones’ and the 2nd disc in the set contains "tracks that didn’t quite fit the atmosphere of disc one".

“This has been an interesting album to work on - years of talking about it and putting down all the different ideas in demo form, and then a frantic period of trying to finish it for the scheduled release date," says Holmes. "It would have been quite easy to put out a ‘Road Of Bones - Part 2’ but it felt a bit different this time and we just let the music dictate to us the kind of album it should be.”

"Again we had so much stuff kicking around when we were putting the running order together that we decided to do a 2nd disc with the tunes that didn’t quite gel with the atmosphere of the main disc. We did this before with ‘Road Of Bones’ and it proved to be really popular. We’re now coming round to thinking that the material on Disc 2 is so strong that we should maybe make it an official double album. I have to say its quite liberating writing for an extended release - the extra time allows you to give the music room to breath and evolve which feels more organic, at least in my head it does. As a result there’s two 20 minute tracks on the 2nd disc…”

‘Resistance’ is released on 15th September 2019.


CD 1:
01. A Missile
02. Stay Down
03. Rise
04. A Shallow Bay
05. If Anything
06. For Another Lifetime

CD 2:
01. The Great Spirit Way
02. Fire And Security
03. Perfect Space
04. Fallout