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Product Format: 2CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: Normally £17.99 Currently £12.49 (exc) £14.99 (inc)


This 2019 Deluxe Expanded Double Disc set comes in an 8-Panel Digi-Pak with accompanying 24-Page Illustrated Booklet!

Originally released by Virgin Records in 1974, GONG’s 3rd album: ‘You’ has been Remastered for its 2019 release from the Original Virgin Masters for the VERY FIRST TIME by the original producer: Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering. It has also been Expanded with a Bonus Disc containing a concert recorded at Hyde Park in London on 28th June 1974, plus an Alternate Version of: ‘A PHP’s Advice’ and a Rare Version of: ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone?’ have been added!

‘You’ is released on 27th September 2019.

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GONG: YOU Deluxe Expanded 2CD Track List:

Disc 1 [Remastered Album + 2 Bonus Tracks]:
01. Thoughts For Naught
02. A PHP’s Advice
03. Magick Mother Invocation
04. Master Builder
05. A Sprinkling Of Clouds
06. Perfect Mystery
07. Isle of Everywhere
08. You Never Blow Your Trip Forever
09. A P.H.P.’s Advice [alternate version] * Bonus Track *
10. Where Have All The Flowers Gone? [rare version] * Bonus Track *

Disc 2 [Live At Hyde Park, London – June 28th 1974]:
01. A Sprinkling Of Clouds
02. I Never Glid Before
03. I’ve Bin Stoned Before
04. Mr Longshanks / Oh Mother
05. The Isle of Everywhere
06. I Am Your Fantasy
07. Master Builder