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Product Format: 2LP               

Price: £30.83 (exc) £36.99 (inc)


PENDRAGON have released this, their brand new 2020 Melodic Prog studio album entitled: ‘Love Over Fear’ in 3 different Formats!

This Limited Double “Splatter” Vinyl LP Edition in Textured Gatefold Sleeve and with 2 Bonus Tracks!
A Special 3CD Edition, a Special Limited Edition 3 Disc Set that comes in a stunningly beautiful 32-Page Hardback Book measuring 285mm/11” x 285mm/11” (similar to the band's recently released ‘First 40 Years’ Box.
It contains 3CD’s featuring the Main Album, an Acoustic Version with Orchestral & Extended Versions, plus an Instrumental Version of the album. It also contains a collection of stunning paintings to illustrate all the album tracks, plus a wealth of photographs.
A Textured Gatefold Card Sleeve CD Edition with 16-Page Lyric Booklet.

Local Cornwall artist Liz Saddington has supplied the beautifully creative artwork for all 3 formats.

The line up for ‘Love Over Fear’ is: Nick Barrett (guitars / vocals / keyboard programming / and mandolin), Clive Nolan (keyboards), Peter Gee (bass) and Jan Van Vincent Valazo (drums / percussion), with guests: Zoe Devenish (backing vocals / violin) and Julian Baker (saxophone).

Musically the new album looks to the band's mid-90’s period for inspiration.
"The idea has been to rebel against the throwaway culture and instant gratification of the Spotifys of this world and create an actual thing with proper artwork that you can browse through by way of a Hardback Book nearly the size of a vinyl album sleeve and an album that contains 65 Minutes of uplifting and melodic music," Nick Barrett says "Something you can get lost in... Damn it - something beautiful again!"
CDS comment…
You know what … Nick and the guys have achieved exactly that…and with flying colours too…nothing more needs to be said … this album is absolutely gorgeous on all fronts! DS

‘Love Over Fear’ was recorded at Thin Ice studio in Surrey and Sharlands Barn in Cornwall and has been produced by Nick Barrett and Karl Groom.

‘Love Over Fear’ is also available as a CD in a Textured Gatefold Card Sleeve – Stock # 2188007
‘Love Over Fear’ is also available as a Limited 3CD Hardback Book Edition – Stock # 2191770

‘Love Over Fear’ is released on 21st February 2019.

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LP 1 - Side 1:
01. Everything
02. Starfish And The Moon
03. Truth And Lies
04. 360 Degrees

LP 1 - Side 2:
01. Soul And The Sea
02. Eternal Light
03. Water

LP 2 - Side 1:
01. Whirlwind
02. Who Really Are We?
03. Afraid Of Everything

LP 2 - Side 2:
01. Quae Tamen Omnia {Everything But Everything} * Bonus Track *
02. Who Really Are We? [Acoustic Version] * Bonus Track *