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Product Format: CD               

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‘Iconic’ is the new 2020 album from the collaboration that is: Johannes Schmoelling, Kurt Ader and Robert Waters, collectively known as: S-A-W.

Schmoelling we all know and love from his TANGERINE DREAM days and then the string of superb solo albums he has released over the last few decades – Waters is JS’s partner in the LOOM project and Ader, who is relatively new on the EM scene but for some time has been somewhat of a "sound guru" who develops sounds for a lot of the world's great keyboard manufacturers and the majority of the great keyboard players of the world today, including Johannes Schmoelling! Ader’s own musical style is quite wide ranging, but the core style is a la Jean Michel Jarre, TANGERINE DREAM and Vangelis and a whole lot more in-between, so he sound perfectly suited to the Schmoelling / Waters ethos.

Although the release is virtually imminent, we only have scant details on it at the moment, save for the recording details, mission statement, track list & sleeve image!

S-A-W say…
We used hardware, analogue synths and digital gear.
We accepted unpredictable factors and uncontrolled moments.
We cultivated electronic traditions in order to create new ones.
We paid homage to the legends and then we started ICONIC S-A-W

All tracks were composed by S-A-W, except for 4, 5, 7 & 8, which are by S-A-W and Oliver Grall.

‘Iconic’ was recorded during 2019 at:
Olivier Grall's Synthé Grall Studio in France
S-A-W Studio Berlin
S-A-W Studio Wendland
S-A-W Studio Mannheim

‘Iconic’ is released on 16th January 2020.


01. Einzigartig (4:22)
02. Return To Sender (6:10)
03. Classic Scratches (4:29)
04. Beyond The Score (6:11)
05. The Crusade (9:21)
06. Empire (5:15)
07. Crimes Of Passion (5:32)
08. Roar Of Eternity (7:22)

TPT – 48:42