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Gorgeous album by Ulrich Schnauss collaborator and perfect music to escape & relax with for Electronic Music fans during this period of extended lockdown!

This is a fine and beautiful as Ambient Synth music gets – truly superb soundscaping…and unbelievably it’s mostly coming from guitars…wow!! The last musicians I remember producing this quality of EM similarly derived on the instrument were USA based musician: MARK DWANE and the early master of Celtic inspired ethereal synth music: JON MARK … it is that good!

Just check out the incredible: ‘Eastern Horizon’ with its echoes of the fantastic ethereal intro to TANGERINE DREAM’s ‘Rubycon’ album with its waves of gorgeous heavenly choral bliss!

Better known to CDS customers as the guy who made the blissful ‘Passage’ album with TD’s Ulrich Schnauss, ‘Minimum Resistance’ is Jonas Munk’s most minimalist album to date.
It's on Azure Vista, the self-same label that also issued the amazing and highly successful Quaeschning & Schnass album: ‘Synthwaves’, so you know it's going to be a quality product before even playing it, as it is presented in a lovely Gatefold Mini-LP style Card Sleeve manufactured in the same material as the ‘Synthwaves’ CD was.

‘Minimum Resistance’ contains ten ambient pieces based on guitars – hard to believe really as the sounds are so often processed into soft, slow billows of sound. There's a rare aesthetic clarity in these pieces, allowing each sonic component to breathe and resonate. Here Munk works with a restrained sonic palette and it's an album that demands patience from the listener, yet, in its bold simplicity, it carries enough emotional weight to be deeply rewarding for the listener. It's an immersive album, an invitation to sink deep into a series of mesmerizing, but peculiarly undefined, moods. ‘Minimum Resistance’ celebrates slowness, reclusiveness and simplicity.
There's nothing groundbreaking about this kind of music, but when it is produced as well as this example is it is extremely rewarding … rarely does this style of electronic music flow as naturally and effortlessly as on this set.
It's the kind of work where subtle gradual changes and miniscule textural details have a tremendous impact on the listener.

It's clear that ‘Minimum Resistance’ is the work of someone who has been refining his craft over the course of two decades. Besides producing his own music, Jonas Munk also works as a recording and mastering engineer, and has slowly but surely established his own sonic signature.

‘Minimum Resistance’ was released on 21st February 2020.


01. Resonance (4:56)
02. Shadows (5:00)
03. Water From The Rain (1:58)
04. Eastern Horizon (5:20)
05. Sabi (4:54)
06. Disappear (3:01)
07. Yesterday's Sky (4:38)
08. Home (4:30)
09. Sink Into Stone (4:38)
10. Minimum Resistance (6:29)

TPT 45:26