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Product Format: CDR               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £9.16 (exc) £10.99 (inc)


This was the 2nd CASTANARC album that was initially released in 1988 on RCA Records, but this revised version is the 2020 reissue on Khepra Records!

Originating in the early 80’s, CASTANARC are an incredibly melodic U.K. based Symphonic Neo-Prog band that up until 2021, when their comeback album ‘Sea Of Broken Vows’ was released, had only made four other original albums in all that time, plus a compilation CD of rarities released in 2020.
Through the years they have stayed relatively obscure, yet remained consistently strong musically, delivering their own addictive take on mainstream modern Prog. Their sound is of a song-based nature, with their earlier years often described as containing glimpses of GENESIS and YES. They produce a more keyboard-oriented, less guitar-dominant sound than say MARILLION, tending to lean more towards the melodic keyboard sophistication of SAGA.
CASTANARC have also been compared quality-wise to fellow 80’s debutants such as PALLAS or PENDRAGON and their highly enjoyable debut album ‘Journey To The East’ is considered to be a bit real cult Prog classic!
For the later releases you need to have to have an ear for a good hook, because like some others who arrived on the scene during the same time period, their music is perfect for fans who are up for blending a set of good strong songs with classy instrumental breaks, as opposed to those that deliver just total instrumental flamboyance.

The original band split up shortly after the release of ‘Journey To The East’ but Holiday & Powell continued writing together and in 1985 approached producer John Spence to discuss a new album. Red Rhino agreed to finance the recording but by the time it was finished they were having financial problems and pulled out. Holiday & Powell then signed with RCA Europe who released the first version of ‘Rude Politics’. It was not a good start however as RCA changed the track running order and commissioned artwork which the band hated!
This 2020 Khepra Records reissue of ‘Rude Politics’ features a revised track running order from the older RCA version and it is now set up as the band originally intended, along with new artwork by Mark Holiday!

The line-up for ‘Rude Politics’ features: Mark Holiday (vocals), David Powell (keyboards / programming), Paul Ineson (guitar), Richard Burns (guitar), Pat Mount (guitar), John Sawyer (acoustic guitar) and Peter Robinson (bass guitar).

All tracks produced and engineered by John Spence at Fairview Studio.

‘Rude Politics’ was originally released on 11th October 1998.

Please read the important statement below on the CD-R format this album is reproduced on…

The term “CD-R” immediately strikes fear into the mind of many music lovers and all audiophiles alike, with worries arising that any release on the format might be a sub-standard “home-made” job with a limited lifespan!

However, we live in times where projected sales of an album on CD might not be high enough to warrant the high costs of a full factory pressed CD run with a sizable minimum orderable quantity requirement attached, so there’s a definite need for such a manufacturing process. This is especially true in the niche-genre markets where smaller labels and artists are living with the big unknown of what their CD sales potential might be while they contend with other popular mediums such as downloads, streaming services and now the revival of vinyl (and cassettes!!!).

Some amateur artists/labels produce their own CD-R’s, but as far as we are concerned, the favoured professional solution is the factory “replicated” CD. These are made from high quality discs and printing materials that retain all the quality of a properly factory “printed” CD. They can also be produced and managed in much smaller quantities at reasonable cost, without making any of the sacrifices in the audio and packaging quality departments that are commonly associated with the CD-R format. Some are made available in Card Sleeves or Digi-Paks and are often shrink-wrapped, outwardly making the package almost indistinguishable from a finished factory “printed” CD!

These days there are a lot of CD-R releases on the market and regardless of how they are made, standards can vary, depending on the label and their manufacturing sources, but we are extremely selective about which titles we sell, and any we do offer are subject to diligent audio and visual vetting before being committed to our catalogue.
Most of our regular customers already know that we do not actively promote any CD-R’s that we feel are sub-standard in any way. We will of course service any customer who asks us for any specific CD-R title that is on the market, but if it is not one we have checked and endorsed, it comes with a warning of the possibility the production might not meet the high standards we expect, and therefore customer research is recommended before ordering.

Anyone ordering a factory replicated CD that we have promoted can be confident they are going to receive a guaranteed quality product. This CASTANARC CD-R is a prime example that has been produced to such a high standard that we (CDS) have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who may have the even the slightest niggling doubts about the format, and as such we are more than happy to include the album in our catalogue roster … many people would not even know this was a CD-R production had we not drawn their attention to the fact!

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01. How Beauty Attracts The Beast (3:14)
02. The Wind Fans The Flames (3:51)
03. The Children Won't Eat (5:39)
04. The Bough Breaks (3:46)
05. The Axe In The Grove (12:59)
06. Usurpia (7:16)
07. New Jerusalem (5:19)
08. From Shadows (5:32)

TPT - 47:36