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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: Normally £15.99 Currently £9.99 (exc) £11.99 (inc)


Long awaited Remastered re-issue with an 18-Minute Bonus Track added – a great archive ‘live’ recording from his concert in 1993 at the KLEM dag festival!

Originally issued in 1993,‘The Uncertainty Principle’ is probably one of Ian’s most successful albums in his long career! Packed with storming melodic energy and a full dynamic range or sounds and textures, it must be rightly regarded as a Synth Music Classic! . We at CDS certainly sold box loads of it when it was first available!

Ian Boddy’s ‘Uncertainty Principle’ was his first album to be recorded and mixed entirely in his private studio.
This was especially important as it gave Boddy the time to experiment on complex sections of music which could be digitally pasted together to create the cross fading between tracks that he has used on many of his subsequent releases.

‘Uncertainty Principle’ also marked a step up in gear from the majestic ‘Odyssey’ and the powerhouse ‘Drive’ albums released earlier.
With enthusiastic reviews featured at the time in many of the fan magazines, ‘Uncertainty Principle’ was also his most performed work both ‘live’ and on the radio.

The ‘Uncertainty Principle’ Remastered re-issue is released on 21st March 2020 and comes looking almost identical to the original release in every way packaged within a standard Jewel Case with a 4-Page Booklet.


01. Times (4:07)
02. Virtual Journey (7:47)
03. Chromazone (5:36)
04. Space Cadet (5:43)
05. Interstellar Interlude - No. 1 (1:34)
06. Cassiopeia's Dream (6:21)
07. Interstellar Interlude - No. 2 (2:27)
08. Supernova (4:28)
09. The Uncertainty Principle - Part 1 (3:45)
10. The Uncertainty Principle - Part 2 (3:30)
11. The Uncertainty Principle - Part 3 (3:22)
12. Beyond The Event Horizon (8:28)
13. Times End (3:01)
14. Live At Klemdag 1993 (18:46) * Bonus Track *

TPT – 78:56