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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £13.33 (exc) £15.99 (inc)


German EM ace delivers his first for 2020…8 brand-new gorgeous, rhythmically flowing, ethereal & melodic excursions with that "magical" Schroeder touch!

On ‘C’est Magique’ sound wizard Robert Schroeder approaches the topic "magic" in a spherical way … soft soundscapes, chilled atmospheres and some silent passages. Sometimes you think you are in a dream cave full of magical sounds, sometimes bizarre, sometimes in a deep and dreamy sphere.
Mysterious and unusual sounds provide tension, often leading into a kind of space trip with typical Schroeder patterns and rhythms all around. Space sounds and relaxing down-tempo beats are embedded in a weightless floating atmosphere. Sometimes you just sit there and admire the deep sound miracle. In fluent transitions the Schroeder typical sequences and beats are interweaved with Ambient and Chill Out sounds developing into a magic dream journey. A beautiful and exciting sound experience!

The above are the words of the label owner … all we need say is it sound just like another album typical of this excellent synth musician – and there is after all only one Robert Schroeder!
If you’re into most of his back-catalogue, the chances are you’ll love this one too.

‘C'est Magique’ is released on 1st May 2020.


01. C'est Magique (12:07)
02. Magnetic Streams (9:04)
03. Spiritual Spice (8:11)
04. Mysterious Science (4:38)
05. Black Magic (5:09)
06. Mystic Dawn (7:13)
07. Glowing Energy (5:55)
08. Secret Elements (7:38)

TPT – 59:56