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Product Format: CCCD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: Normally £15.99 Currently £11.66 (exc) £13.99 (inc)


Top-notch magnificent melodic Symphonic Prog album of the highest order that sits up beside the recent best selling ‘Love Over Fear’ by PENDRAGON!

‘Masters Of Illusion’ is a stunningly good new album that comes superbly packaged in a Double Gate-Fold Card Sleeve with a Full-Colour 12-Page Lyric Booklet.

Centred around main-man Robert Reed and brother and lyricist Steve Reed's favourite actors of the classic Universal & Hammer Horror eras, ‘Masters Of Illusion’ reveals a band returning to the sound of true melodic Prog with sweeping, high flying electric guitars, beautiful 12-string acoustic guitars, tuneful & tight rhythm section and all the traditional keyboards sounds that real Prog fans love (Hammond organ, Moog, Mellotron etc.) plus of course the magnificent voice of Christina Booth!

"My brother and I are both huge fans of the classic Hammer and Universal horror films," explains Steve.
"I remember as a kid watching the horror double bills on Saturday nights on BBC 2 with great fondness. We were looking for a concept for the new album and came up with the idea of basing the songs on some of our favourite actors. The twist is that the stories are about their private lives rather than the characters they portrayed in their films."
"After making the ‘We Are Legend’ album, which was more contemporary, I really wanted to make a classic Prog album," adds Robert. "I was desperate to get back to the original musical template of what MAGENTA was all about. So there are lots of Moog and guitar solos, 12-string guitar, Mellotrons and bass pedals, but, always with melodies. The song is always king!"

For ‘Masters Of Illusion’ MAGENTA are:
Christina Booth (lead vocals), Robert Reed (keyboards / mandolin / acoustic, electric & classical guitars / backing vocals), Chris Fry (lead guitar), Dan Nelson (bass) and Jiffy Griffiths (drums).

These Initial copies of ‘Masters Of Illusion’ CD feature a Bonus DVD featuring 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS Surround mixes of the album, PLUS 2 Video Promos and an Interview with Rob Reed.

Simultaneously released is a Limited Edition MAGENTA CD: ‘The Lost Reel’ (Stock # 2204656) which comes in a Card Sleeve and features 74-minutes of Alternative Mixes from the new album, plus some remixes from the band’s Back Catalogue. You can order both titles individually or together at a Special Bundle Price (Stock # 2204747)!

‘Masters Of Illusion’ is released on 1st July 2020.


01. Bela (11:16)
02. A Gift From God (8:30)
03. Reach For The Moon (9:27)
04. Snow (6:04)
05. The Rose (11:18)
06. Masters Of Illusion (16:39)
TPT – 63:16

Bonus DVD:
Video Tracks:
01. Bella [band performance video] (10:10)
02. A Gift From God [band performance video] (8:35)
03. Robert Reed Interview (22:00)
Audio Tracks:
01. Bela [5.1 Dolby Digital Mix] (11:16)
02. A Gift From God [5.1 Dolby Digital Mix] (8:30)
03. Reach For The Moon [5.1 Dolby Digital Mix] (9:27)
04. Snow [5.1 Dolby Digital Mix] (6:04)
05. The Rose [5.1 Dolby Digital Mix] (11:18)
06. Masters Of Illusion [5.1 Dolby Digital Mix] (16:39)
TPT – 63:16
07. Bela [DTS Surround Mix] (11:16)
08. A Gift From God [DTS Surround Mix] (8:30)
09. Reach For The Moon [DTS Surround Mix] (9:27)
10. Snow [DTS Surround Mix] (6:04)
11. The Rose [DTS Surround Mix] (11:18)
12. Masters Of Illusion [DTS Surround Mix] (16:39)
TPT – 63:16