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‘Golden Fragments’ is the first original album from this YES tribute band… and that influence is more than well pronounced throughout the entire album!

FRAGILE were the original European YES tribute band founded in the late 1990s.
Now working as an original band paying tribute to YES in our own unique way, ‘Golden Fragments’ delivers a sound that certainly does bring classic YES moments to mind. Just for a start, elements of albums such as: ‘Close To The Edge’ (thinking the atmospheric middle part of the title track and parts of ‘And You And I’), and ‘Going For The One’ (thinking ‘Awaken’, ‘Wondrous Stories’ and ‘Turn Of The Century’) are more than prevalent.
There’s a load of space left within the songs for instrumental passages - the fine keyboard work is very Wakeman-esque, the bass is well Squire-ified and the guitar work (acoustic, electric and slide) pay fine homage to Howe.
There is no Jon Anderson sound-a-like on vocals with this band, however, what you get is the more than competent voice of long-standing British vocalist Claire Hamill in the main, with two tracks featuring Clive Bayley from Chris Squire’s 1960s pre-YES band: MABEL GREER'S TOYSHOP.
Claire has had an illustrious career as a solo singer-songwriter, but also worked with artists such as Ray Davies (KINKS), Steve Howe, Jon Anderson, Alan White (YES), John Martyn, Jon & Vangelis and WISHBONE ASH.

The huge attraction in the band is to be expected, their obvious leanings toward the sound of YES instrumentally, and their own melodic compositions, while clearly influence by YES, are pretty strong as well. It’s a bit like the albums produced by my Italian fiends The WATCH … they are the world’s best Gabriel period GENESIS tribute band in their ‘live’ setting, but the studio albums they produce contain their own unique GENESIS inspired compositions, which are equally brilliant too.
This is what you also get from FRAGILE, but it’s all YES inspired!

The FRAGILE line-up is: Claire Hamill (vocals), Oliver Day (guitars), Max Hunt (vocals / keyboards / bass / guitar / percussion) and Russ Wilson (drums / percussion), with special guest: Clive Bayley (vocals on tracks 4 & 6 - MABEL GREER’S TOY SHOP).

The CD comes as a Full Colour Slim Mini-LP style Gatefold Card Sleeve with Roger Dean-ish styled artwork (‘Sky Castle’) by Steve Mayerson with all lyrics contained inside.

A great quality product in both terms of the music and the packaging, and a “MUST HAVE” if you are a YES fan!

‘Golden Fragments’ was released on 1st July 2020.


01. When Are Wars Won? / Surely All I Need (12:19)
02. Blessed By The Sun / Hey You And I And (6:40)
03. Five Senses (4:36)
04. Heaven's Core (6:34)
05. Open Space (2:33)
06. Time To Dream / Now We Are Sunlight (6:32)
07. Old Worlds And Kingdoms / Too Late In The Day (11:26)

TPT - 50:42