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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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The original YES singer independently released his long-anticipated ‘1000 Hands’ CD in the USA back in late 2019 - now it has a general UK release!

‘1000 Hands’ features loads of guests, including: Steve Howe, the late Chris Squire, Ian Anderson and many many more … 1000 in fact, because Jon offered the internet community the opportunity to contribute and he would use whatever helped him realise his dream to best effect. … and they did … ‘1000 Hands’ is the result.

In the early days of January 2018 Jon Anderson was reported to be finishing a solo work that he began nearly 30 years prior. With everything that gets in the way, it’s a wonder that any shelved projects become renewed. But for Jon Anderson, despite his business, this long forgotten solo album is now going to be assured of a place in his catalogue of music.

Previously only available by mail-order from the USA, this long-awaited album is now available to all.

Jon Anderson was also supported by a great line-up of special famous guests, including: Larry Coryell (tracks 3, 4 & 10), Chris Squire (tracks 4 & 10), Steve Howe (tracks 11), Ian Anderson (track 4), Carmine Appice (track 2), Rick Derringer (track 5), Jerry Goodman (track 7), Chick Corea (tracks 9 & 10), Billy Cobham (track 10), Jean-Luc Ponty (track 10) and the Tower Of Power Horn Section (track 5).

‘1000 Hands-Chapter One’ is also available as a HQ Vinyl LP – Stock # 2204763

‘1000 Hands-Chapter One’ is released on 15th August 2020.


01. Now (1:13)
02. Ramalama (3:48)
03. First Born Leaders (5:21)
04. Activate (8:51)
05. Makes Me Happy (3:49)
06. Now Variartions (1:02)
07. I Found Myself (5:05)
08. Twice In A Lifetime (5:05)
09. WDMCF (4:14)
10. 1000 Hands {Come Up} (8:21)
11. Now And Again (3:39)

TPT – 50:28